2011 Recall Videos

Click on the thumbnail images to see this collection of political videos, which focus on the 2011 Recall elections on August 9 (Republican) and August 16 (Democrat).
[myyoutubeplaylist wTYLFgYrZWM, 3pRqYyt8T7E, zxk6JHhmGWQ, wDeey3M-fVI, uzLf5hTRSb4, bznhBAow8dQ, hjP2K0d2qXY, q0pp8Wu_ioQ, Ldq8M5glAsQ, fFwFPNyr1MY, lbs67zbJ6G8, 3BI8kHaMf1k, I3akE8N9wNo, KXIi2LQvKTE, Pco7HmSXh88, -LraJQuihTU, imEUR6DUDXg, Cr9ugM7onzI, 4D3KBWWk7ug, Zv4KnsMDeBY, S34sDUzkO34, IP8aC_0z7XI, E72T5P0RiTI, 4HB4jXCcOO4, UXh_YuADueU, AtMomMHy-g8, 3vTEJbc5gi8, cNNo0ytlIyw, mPfJMZwGVn8, qN0odXjQDFQ, Z1NagON189g, 3EAjNWV3mB8, ps3P5ISbe38, dsKieiGxAiA, TobnJOeSIE8, vg53zJ8sKxc]

More videos to be added… stay tuned. Please note that no Koch Brothers-funded or GOP-funded propaganda videos will be available here. Those supporting those candidates are welcome to enjoy this video: