Walker faces new John Doe 2.0 investigation involving five counties and 2011 and 2012 recall elections

John Doe Walker

It turns out a second John Doe investigation that could possibly link Scott Walker and even several Republican legislators involved in five counties in Wisconsin as well as activities in the 2011 and 2012 Recall elections is continuing to be explored. Granted, Walker will probably not be asked by anyRead the full story »

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Walker’s property tax cut to give Wisconsin homeowners a dollar a month to save sluggish economy

dollar yawn

Scott Walker hopes to rescue the sluggish Wisconsin economy by giving the Wisconsin property tax payer a whopping savings of $13 over one year and an astounding $10 the following year. That’s right! What a Badger State home owner does with $33 over the next two years is anybody’s guess.Read the full story »

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Walker continues to face challenges with the truth about his costly budget and shoddy record


Even though a recent Marquette Law School poll with 48 percent approving of the job Walker is doing and 46 percent disapproving, it’s been a predictable pattern from the mainstream media to give the scandal-prone college dropout from Marquette University a free pass with his continuing failed record as governor.Read the full story »

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Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia catches Scott Walker deceptively misusing economic report for political ads


Scott Walker has continued to get a free pass from the corporate media when he continues the lie that he has balanced the Wisconsin budget while stripping workers’ rights with collective bargaining and other American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) authored legislation shoved through the Republican House and Senate. They neverRead the full story »

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Walker/DNR Pay-to-Play United Sportsmen of Wisconsin $500,000 crony scandal tied to GOP donors and Koch Brothers


The Walker Administration seems to be fueled by Koch Brothers dirty money to be able to float along in a polluted sea of pay-to-play schemes, voter disenfranchisement, theocratic extremism, crony kickbacks for political contributions from well-heeled billionaire out-of-state interests, corrupt no-bid contracts and carelessly inept rejection of millions of dollarsRead the full story »

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Wisconsin Capitol Police Chief David Erwin must resign due to blatant police brutality after 11.7% Walker pay raise


Scott Walker is too busy in other states obediently serving his billionaire-class corporate welfare masters for campaign money to probably even care what’s going on in what he must think is His Palace. That’s right, Wisconsin’s most divisive governor ever is out of state. But he sure does love givingRead the full story »

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National Lawyers Guild – Madison Chapter offers great information for Solidarity Singalong participants who get arrested


With more than 200 arrests by Wisconsin Capitol Police in a recent, unconstitutional crackdown of Solidarity Singalong “participants”, observers, elected officials and even journalists for singing in the Capitol Rotunda without a permit, the National Lawyers Guild – Madison Chapter offers information on what one does when they get arrested.Read the full story »

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Stand with Wisconsin Women rally-Monday, August 26, 2013, 12-1pm


What: Stand with Wisconsin Women rally When: Monday, August 26, 2013, 12-1pm Where: Wisconsin State Capitol (Madison, State Street side) From the repeal of equal pay enforcement and comprehensive sex education, to the cuts kicking nearly 100,000 Wisconsinites off BadgerCare, to the passing of dangerous bills that undermine women’s health,Read the full story »

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Walker’s Palace Guard issues new decree that observers will not be arrested for being “participants” in Solidarity Singing

tablet kid

Governor Walker apparently had gotten some news that arresting observers as “participants” in the Capitol Rotunda during the hour that the Solidarity Singers sing was not going to be good for his possible presidential aspirations in 2016 or his re-election hopes in 2014. Although it’s still a tenuously stated policyRead the full story »

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Solidarity Singers continue to get arrested with new Orwellian policies to arrest photographers/videographers


Having witnessed former Walker bodyguard Capitol Chief Dave Erwin order his staff to arrest even those who are silently observing the Solidarity Singers performing their constitutional rights as Americans and citizens of Wisconsin, it has become apparent that Erwin is engaging in some sick, sadistic behavior that is unbecoming andRead the full story »

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Washington Times praising Scott Walker and his “Wisconsin Model” ignore facts and figures

Walker Wisconsin Last Place

The Washington Times is a conservative publication that offers unsubstantiated half-truths and opinions based on deception. There was an op-ed praising Scott Walker and the “Wisconsin Model” for being an example of how it gets done and where the rest of the country should head toward in some convoluted “journeyRead the full story »

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Walker’s authoritarian crackdown on freedom of expression leads to arrests

cap police

Witnessing the Solidarity Singers and participating in the event firsthand is almost like a “religious” experience in terms of hearing the great voices singing in the majestically appointed Capitol Rotunda or when the performances are outside at the foot of State Street in the hot sun or on a snowbound,Read the full story »

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“Chicks On The Right” are clueless about Walker when they declare him “awesomesauce”


Governor Walker is widely known by many in Wisconsin for being out of state securing payoff money for pay-to-play legislative deals. With Wisconsin’s future falling into a tailspin with the Koch Brothers-funded American Legislative Exchange Council feeding compliant, obedient Republican legislators with divisive, theocratic, anti-science, anti-women, anti-voter, anti-poor boilerplate legislationRead the full story »

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Scott Walker fulfills perverted fantasy of allowing Wisconsin government to officially mandate proxy rape with unneeded transvaginal ultrasound procedure


Perhaps Scott Walker never got laid in college or has some psychological issues sexually where he feels the propensity to inflict sadistic procedures on women to fulfill some psychological sickness. Perhaps he’s a just a sadistic pervert who enjoys having Wisconsin women to have to go through unneeded, unwarranted medicalRead the full story »

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Walker happily aims for 2016 presidential aspirations after signing partisan $68 billion Wisconsin budget


Scott Walker started his efforts at economic treason when he threw away $810 million allocated to Wisconsin for the high-speed rail project linking Madison to Milwaukee even before he was sworn in as governor in 2011. He fully intended to play the extreme Koch Brothers-funded Tea Party playbook that lostRead the full story »

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