One-Year Anniversary “Wisconsin Day!” rally to Kick-off a Week of Action (video)

On the one-year anniversary of the Wisconsin Uprising, the Kick-off rally in Madison happened despite winter conditions with temperatures not exceeding 15 degrees with bone-chilling winds on the Capitol steps. In keeping with the tradition, hundreds of people showed up in extremely cold winter conditions under a clear blue sky to show solidarity and remind the World what has happened in the past year with the Walker regime’s attack and lack of honesty and common sense. Watch some of the video excerpts from the day’s events.

This section features the different speakers in sections, hosted on YouTube.

This video coverage features Mahlon Mitchell, Professional Firefighters of WI and Ben Manski, Liberty Tree Foundation.

This portion of video coverage features John Nichols.

This portion of video coverage features Representative Peter Barca.

Some photos are available from the event.

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