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Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. (WEDC) scandals could finally be Scott Walker’s Undoing


When Wisconsin Assembly Democratic Leader Peter Barca says “It’s been mismanagement and incompetence at every level” regarding Governor Scott Walker’s pet project Wisconsin Economic Development Corp (WEDC), he’s not kidding. Walker, when running for governor in 2010, said he had the secret, magic formula for creating 250,000 new private sectorRead the full story »

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Walker’s pet project Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) a perfect example of his failure as governor


As 2014 has come and the gubernatorial race begins in earnest, Governor Scott Walker faces the indefensible position of defending the complete corruption and millions of taxpayer dollars missing with his pet project Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), replacing the the Wisconsin Department of Commerce (WDC) in July 2011, whichRead the full story »

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Republican hypocrisy on display with discovery that UW System has “rainy day fund” money


The University of Wisconsin System took a significant hit with $65.8 million in budget cuts as well as a base budget reduction of $250 million in state funding with Walker’s slashing in the 2011-13 biennial budget. Recently, the Legislative Fiscal Bureau released a report (Program Revenue Appropriation Balances) containing aRead the full story »

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Scott Walker holds on to criminal defense fund as John Doe investigation ends with criminal convictions


Somehow, Walker fans are jubilant that the John Doe investigation has ended, as of March 1, 2013. While Scott Walker spent nearly a half million dollars in an unprecedented criminal defense fund that he still maintains, the now terminated John Doe investigation led to criminal convictions against six individuals, includingRead the full story »

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Walker bound to try to swamp Wisconsin with far-right ALEC agenda wishes in 2013


Don’t be fooled by Scott Walker’s latest act where he’s trying to be seen as a “moderate” so he can soften his political image in time for a spin as a Presidential candidate in 2016. Granted, the continuing John Doe investigation is still boiling with the real possibility that hisRead the full story »

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Cronyism and corruption boiling over with Walker’s pet project “Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation”

WEDC scandal

Let’s say you live in Wisconsin and wanted to start a small business and wanted information on what programs there were since you were interested in consultation, technical assistance and relocation assistance. Perhaps low income families needed assistance. Perhaps you were a concerned citizen who wanted to make sure yourRead the full story »

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