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Walker spoke at ALEC event in DC defending record and predicting recall election (audio)

Walker made an appearance at the American Enterprise Institute, a component right-wing thinktank of the corporate law ghostwriters American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). In March 2011, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed what is now nationally famous legislation designed to balance the budget, make structural reforms to…

Walker defends losing Madison-Milwaukee rail project based on his own incompetence

With a combination of abject ignorance and a side dish of economic treason, Scott Walker proved that being a half-witted college dropout indicates how factually ungifted he really is. Walker was recently in LaCrosse to ride the Holiday Express train line and “defended” his first big…

Radio ad: “Fair Trade, not Free Trade” (audio)

A 30-second ad that illustrates how Republicans should refer to “job creators”. [audio:]

Great mini-documentary about the Koch Brothers and their extremist plans (video)

By People & Power reporter Bob Abeshouse Charles and David Koch are each worth about $25bn, which makes them the fourth richest Americans. When you combine their fortunes, they are the third wealthiest people in the world. Radical libertarians who use their money to oppose government…

Fighting Bob Fest 2011-Thom Hartmann speech about real American freedom (audio)

At this year’s Fighting Bob Fest, author and progressive radio commentator Thom Hartmann gave a speech regarding the current economic and political situation in America and beyond with historical context. [audio:|titles=Thom Hartmann 091711-Fighting Bob]

Fighting Bob Fest 2011-Cornel West gives prodigious speech about our current times (audio)

At this year’s Fighting Bob Fest author and civil rights activist Cornel West gave an amazing political speech with insight and criticism of the current situation in American politics and the what people need to know about to move forward. [audio:|titles=Fighting Bob Fest-Cornel West]