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“Chicks On The Right” are clueless about Walker when they declare him “awesomesauce”


Governor Walker is widely known by many in Wisconsin for being out of state securing payoff money for pay-to-play legislative deals. With Wisconsin’s future falling into a tailspin with the Koch Brothers-funded American Legislative Exchange Council feeding compliant, obedient Republican legislators with divisive, theocratic, anti-science, anti-women, anti-voter, anti-poor boilerplate legislationRead the full story »

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Remember the Holiday classic “It’s A Wonderful Life” message and prepare for 2013


Frank Capra, the director of the Holiday classic “It’s a Wonderful Life”, shows how George Bailey goes through a major life’s lesson about greed, the working class and how in the end, greed gets shown the door. As with Walker, ALEC, the Koch Brothers and all the other Republican legionsRead the full story »

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GAB study finds Walker’s same-day voter suppression would not work and cost over $5 million


Scott Walker is famous for throwing millions of federal dollars allocated to Wisconsin out the window to appeal to his myopic Tea Party base, the Koch Brothers and clueless fans of his divisive charlatanism. Then he begs for the money later. He’s a genius at looking for a solution inRead the full story »

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Kelly Rindfleisch sentenced as FBI/John Doe investigation circles closer to Walker connection to illegal activities


While Scott Walker is at Ronald Reagan’s ranch in California trying to get rid of Wisconsin’s “same-day voter registration law” because he’s lying about how seniors operating as poll workers can’t handle it, the John Doe investigation took a harrowing, focused turn against him with the sentencing of his formerRead the full story »

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Scott Walker and Fitzwalkerstan Cult smacked hard with Act 10′s unconstitutional “collective bargaining” legislation struck down

walker snivel

Dane County Circuit Court Judge Juan Colas made a decision “Madison Teachers, Inc. V. Scott Walker” to overturn portions of the Scott Walker’s signature 2011 Wisconsin Acts 10 and 32, passed in March 2011, to “collective bargaining, payroll deduction of dues and contributions to pension benefits with respect to municipalRead the full story »

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Video: Walker caught in Ryan lie that Obama was responsible for Janesville GM plant leaving and campaign promise


Anyone who has been covering the likes of Scott Walker know that the guy is the biggest plundering hooligan out there, next to Paul Ryan. So it turns out that Ryan went national with the lie (one of many) in his 2016 announcement speech, or the 2012 VP acceptance speechRead the full story »

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Get an idea who voted for Walker in the Recall election with emails contacting this web site


It’s always amusing seeing some of the emails that get sent via the contact form from delusional half-baked Walker fans who seriously have no idea of what their precious leader has done to Wisconsin. There are some emails from this bunch that were so strange that they were deleted immediately.Read the full story »

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Recall Walker: Smoking gun proving Scott Walker is John Doe ready to be indicted (video)

smoking gun

This story should be enough for any sane Wisconsin voter to realize Wisconsin can do a lot better than having a sneaky, arrogant college dropout crook like Scott Walker as Governor. He has been trying to be an extremist “rock star” with the Romney/Bankster Class, the Koch Brothers and theRead the full story »

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Walker’s filthy “Willie Horton” political ad being pulled off air while distortion ads get exposed with lies (video)

Walker smirk

The Wisconsin media markets are beginning to pull the “Willie Horton” style Walker ad where a dead baby is shown and the link is somehow made to Tom Barrett. It’s another disgusting example of Walker’s “Divide and Conquer” strategy. Perhaps more accurately it’s “Lie To The People and Think TheyRead the full story »

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Walker trying to hide away from public in remaining days before June 5 Recall election. Final push is on.

walker scared 3

Apparently when Scott Walker is actually in Wisconsin and not at Koch Brothers fundraisers, he usually makes himself pretty inaccessible to the people of Wisconsin. Now, with the remaining days before the Recall election closing in, Walker is now hiding from the people of Wisconsin. Perhaps this is a coward’sRead the full story »

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Walker’s continuing incompetence and lies can’t hide the truth that Wisconsin remains in last place (video)


Walker recently has “bragged” that his Act 10 policies have saved Wisconsin taxpayers a billion dollars. When you look at how he did his “accomplishment”, it clearly was done on the backs of seniors, children, the poor, public sector workers and many parts of Wisconsin’s economy and future are inRead the full story »

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Walker racking up big debts in expanding John Doe investigation for his legal-defense fund


Scott Walker continues to show just how desperate and complicit he is in the expanding criminal FBI/John Doe investigation of himself and staffers with the money trail of legal fees in his legal-defense fund. Surprisingly (not), Walker wasn’t honest about how long he had retained legal counsel in the investigation.Read the full story »

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Representative Peter Barca lays out exactly why Walker should be recalled (video)


This recent commentary by Representative Peter Barca absolutely nails it regarding what Walker has done in the past year. He illustrates in several minutes exactly what the unconstitutional attacks and abuse of power are regarding Scott Walker and his rubberstampers who have turned Wisconsin into a divided state. We shouldRead the full story »

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Walker heading to DC to beg for more ALEC money since his recall is now “in the danger zone” (video)


Scott Walker is escaping Wisconsin to go to Washington DC to make a pleading “poor me, gimme money” speech in front of the American Enterprise Institute. The forum title is “Are Wisconsin’s budget reforms a model for other states?” It will be online Thursday morning here. On Thursday night, WalkerRead the full story »

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Now that it’s 2012, expect Walker budget cuts to really hit Wisconsin citizens hard


As 2012 begins, a list of how the Walker budget cuts needs to be shown to show how much the cuts are, who it affects and who gets the tax breaks and loopholes from Walker that are funded on the backs of the middle, working and poor classes in Wisconsin.Read the full story »

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