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Walker attacked Madison as Barack Obama delivered a great speech to a record crowd at Bascom Hill (video)


Scott Walker, being a predictable partisan hack, made sure to trash the second largest city in the state he is supposed to be governing when he quipped: “President Obama is on his heels and chose to recover from a bad debate in one of the most liberal places in America”.Read the full story »

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Fighting Bob Fest 2012: Mike Papantonio’s speech adds to the successful, inspiring progressive event (video)


While it may not be as charming or “old-school” as the Sauk County Fairgrounds in historic Baraboo as it had been the stage originally, the annual Chautauqua “Fighting Bob Festival” at the Alliant Energy Center venue certainly offers some great progressive speakers and break-out sessions on the major issues ofRead the full story »

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Reflections on why Walker and Kleefisch need to be recalled (video)

recall train

It is an amazing time in American history and this citizen vlogger feels fortunate to be in Madison. Having lived in other parts of the country during times where political events erupted and shocked the psyche of the people, these times here are like none of the others in intensity.Read the full story »

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Walker’s filthy “Willie Horton” political ad being pulled off air while distortion ads get exposed with lies (video)

Walker smirk

The Wisconsin media markets are beginning to pull the “Willie Horton” style Walker ad where a dead baby is shown and the link is somehow made to Tom Barrett. It’s another disgusting example of Walker’s “Divide and Conquer” strategy. Perhaps more accurately it’s “Lie To The People and Think TheyRead the full story »

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May 30-Tom Barrett Rally with Russ Feingold and Chris Taylor at Majestic Theater, Madison (video)


There was a very well-attended and unifying Tom Barrett For Governor Rally with Russ Feingold and Chris Taylor at the Majestic Theater, Madison on May 30, 2012. Chris Taylor spoke first with a great speech illustrating Walker’s War on Women followed by Russ Feingold, who illustrated exactly why Walker needsRead the full story »

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Walker’s Texan Deer Czar “Doctor Dough” James Kroll calls some Wisconsin deer hunters “socialist” (video)


Walker’s Deer Trustee Dr. James Kroll wants to bring Rick Texas-style uncontrolled and corporatized gaming lack of regulations to Wisconsin and sell off pristine public lands, which are used for deer hunting. With the Koch Brothers and other right-wing billionaires licking their chops after having bought off Walker, they canRead the full story »

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May 26-Early Vote Rally in Madison with State Senators Mark Miller, Fred Risser and Jon Erpenbach (video)


Senators Mark Miller, Fred Risser and Jon Erpenbach hosted an Early Vote Event just off the Capitol Square (100 North Hamilton Street, next to the new Children’s Museum) during the Madison Farmer’s Market. The main message is that it is a very important message to get out the vote toRead the full story »

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May 25-Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett challenges Governor Scott Walker in first Recall Election debate (audio)


The first of two face-to-face debates between Scott Walker and Tom Barrett happened on Friday, May 25 at 8pm in Milwaukee and was sponsored by the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association. There were broadcasts throughout Wisconsin and streaming on various TV, internet and radio stations. You can listen to the audio fromRead the full story »

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Recall Walker-Republican/Koch Brothers political ads distort the facts (video)


The video begins as a spoof to some 1950′s fantasy of the World with platitudes about Walker that imitate the distorted political ads from the Koch Brothers, Karl Rove, the Republican Governors Association, the Republican National Committee and untold millions from billionaires and others spending 25-to1 against Tom Barrett. RealRead the full story »

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Recall Walker – Lying to Congress, Dividing Wisconsin, Losing thousands of jobs (video)


Scott Walker lied to Congress that he never mentioned collective bargaining when he is record talking about it with his billionaire contributor Diane Hendricks. While he was focused on getting rid of collective bargaining and saying it would save money, he lied again by admitting it didn’t affect the WisconsinRead the full story »

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Barrett Campaign releases ad focusing on Walkergate crimes in John Doe investigation (video)


It’s been actually fairly unreported in the mainstream media regarding Scott Walker being deeply involved in the expanding FBI/John Doe investigation that Walker has even said in statements that it wasn’t “political”. Evidence released so far clearly points to how Walker was indeed involved in criminal activity as well asRead the full story »

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Walker’s “Jobs” ad gets some corrections showing truth is better than lies (video)


Walker made up phony numbers when he did an ad called “Jobs” (actually the Republican Governors Association) claiming new jobs when the real record proves Wisconsin is in last place because of his policies. Some corrections were made to his recent ad.

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Recall Walker-The People Against The Plutocrats (video)


Scott Walker has spent a lot of time out of Wisconsin fund-raising on the taxpayers’ dime to protect himself from being recalled on June 5, 2012. With funding from the Koch Brothers and other conservative billionaires from outside Wisconsin, Walker wants to overwhelm the airwaves and everywhere else with negative,Read the full story »

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Thom Hartmann discusses Walker being caught with “Divide and Conquer” strategy with John Nichols (audio/video)


Thom Hartmann got an latest news from The Nation’s John Nichols regarding the video that was recorded in January 2011 with newly elected Scott Walker hugging, kissing and doing a kiss-and-tell with his largest donor who gave $500,000 to Walker’s campaign, billionaire Diane Hendricks, where he was planning to useRead the full story »

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Scott Walker admits he wants to use “divide and conquer” tactics. So it’s a love story of greed. (video)


A video was released exposing Scott Walker meeting with a lady billionaire, Diane Hendricks, who begged for him to make Wisconsin a “right-to-work (for less)” state. She did give him half a million bucks, so she’s entitled. He then admitted he was going after collective bargaining and stated he wantedRead the full story »

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