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Tim Russell pleads guilty to embezzling “Operation Freedom” funds as John Doe investigation expands


UPDATE: Tim Russell was sentenced to two years in prison and two years of extended supervision on January 22, 2013 in Milwaukee County Circuit Court for stealing money from the veterans group Heritage Guard Preservation Society. When Scott Walker was Milwaukee County executive, former aide and fellow criminal Tim RussellRead the full story »

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John Doe investigation expands as Walker aide Tim Russell to face trial on December 3


As the John Doe investigation continues with evidence circling closer to Scott Walker’s political fate at hand, the next stage will continue with the trial of former Walker aide Timothy Russell facing trial on December 3, 2012 despite trying to slink out of justice with petty charges and a fewRead the full story »

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FBI/John Doe Investigation expands statewide as Walker/Thompson aide Tim Russell hires public defender


It has been indicated earlier in reports that the FBI/John Doe investigation into Scott Walker’s direct involvement was expanding beyond his time as Milwaukee County executive and now expanding statewide and including events that are being investigated across Wisconsin. It turns out that the widening investigation into Walker’s bouts withRead the full story »

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