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Why ALEC-funded school vouchers are a scam far greater than just destroying American public education


Republican Assembly leader Robin Vos and the Republicans want to fast-track school voucher programs in Wisconsin for a couple basic reasons. Using taxpayer money that would go toward public schools would be directed towards home schooling and private schools, thus weakening public education, which is a major part of theRead the full story »

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Wisconsin Republicans hell-bent on ramming through extremist right-wing legislation by June 30

The Fitzgerald Brothers have admitted it. Now other Republicans are admitting it. They see the Recall elections in July as a opportunity for them to ram through off-the-wall, right-wing extremist legislation before the tables are turned and there isn’t a Republican Rubber Stamp majority to appease the Koch Brothers andRead the full story »

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March 24, 2011- UW-Whitewater faculty “Truth to Power March” coming to Madison

The “Truth to Power March” begins on Thursday and finishes up on Saturday. WHITEWATER – Some members of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater faculty are marching to Madison to hand deliver a letter stating their opposition to Gov. Scott Walker’s budget-repair bill and proposed biennial budget. In a special meeting lastRead the full story »

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March 21, 2011- March with teachers at Madison Capitol

Here are some details from today’s rally this afternoon and this evening, where you can rally with teachers and others and then head over to the High Noon Saloon for a Rock Against Walker concert: March at the capitol with the Madison teachers! March at the capitol with the MadisonRead the full story »

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Big rallies set for this weekend at Madison State Capitol

There will be a rally at the Square on Saturday, March 5 at 2:00pm and another is scheduled for Sunday, March 6 at 12:00 (noon). The latest DOA press release on the public visiting the Capitol is: Visitors to the Capitol must enter and exit at the North and SouthRead the full story »

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March 2, 2011-You need to make an appointment to visit Scott Walker’s Palace (Capitol)

There still is a one-for-one entrance quota to enter or leave the Capitol in Madison, which now has concrete barriers and fencing surrounding the building. The latest orders from Walker’s Palace is that you need to make an appointment with your representative to enter the building. MEMO TO: ALL WISCONSINRead the full story »

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March 1, 2011-College dropout Walker to announce major cuts in Wisconsin education funding

At 4PM at the Capitol in Madison, Scott Walker will use extra police and security measures to not allow Wisconsinites to have access to the Capitol as he delivers his budget address which features over $1 billion in cuts to overall state aid, mostly in education funding. He’s also goingRead the full story »

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Governor Walker: Time for a lesson about Wisconsin teacher salaries/rankings

Part of the demonization of Wisconsin public workers (as well as public workers across the nation) is to continue Right-Wing Echo Chamber Puppet/Fox News lies that teachers are making so much more than the average middle class worker. It’s a classic Divide and Conquer Routine to have the middle andRead the full story »

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Walker and Republicans tactics to not allow citizens into Capitol is UNCONSTITUTIONAL

Not that Walker or the over-reaching Republicans give a rat’s patootie about constitutional law or even democratic policies, but the Wisconsin Constitution (perhaps one of the subjects that Walker missed when he became a college dropout who cheated) offers not a suggestion, but THE LAW: Article One, Section 4: RightRead the full story »

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February 27, 2011-Rally continues protesting Walker’s Union-busting antics (video)

This unedited video shows Wisconsin citizens waiting for the news about the Capitol building being closed on Sunday evening.  As some left the building, they were appreciated with cheers by fellow protesters. It turns out that over 600 protesters were allowed to stay.

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February 27, 2011-Capitol Rally photos

Thousands showed up peacefully today at the Capitol despite cold weather or any scheduled rallies.  There were no arrests.  No one was certain what was going to happen at 4PM, when the Capitol was scheduled to be evacuated. There were long lines at two access points of the Capitol forRead the full story »

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February 27, 2011-Sunday Suggestions

While there don’t appear to be any official events posted at the Capitol in Madison as of 8AM, there indeed will be protestors there and voices will need to be heard. An interesting event posted on the site Defend Wisconsin states: When: Sun, February 27, 1:00pm – 2:30pm Where: MadisonRead the full story »

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February 26, 2011-Media coverage of the event (WKOW-TV)

Estimates of 70,000 to 100,000 people showed up and there were NO arrests. Look for the right wing echo chamber to paint the rallies as “a bunch of Hollywood people” coming to Madison.

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Investigations underway to see if Walker committed crimes with punked phone call

If you haven’t heard the 20-minute conversation between a fake David Koch (of the Koch Brothers) and the clueless Scott Walker laying out his arrogant, sneaky strategy, it’s more like a fire in the hole than his ridiculous “fireside chat” on Tuesday. Walker may have a legal fire to haveRead the full story »

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Anti-Walker Rally at The Capitol – Madison, WI | February 23, 2011

This is unedited footage of a couple local reporters reporting for the 5PM news as a live shot on the scene followed by a walkthrough into the Capitol building and through the middle of the rally area.  The reporter was corrected that people were from Madison, not people from outRead the full story »

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