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Walker’s property tax cut to give Wisconsin homeowners a dollar a month to save sluggish economy

dollar yawn

Scott Walker hopes to rescue the sluggish Wisconsin economy by giving the Wisconsin property tax payer a whopping savings of $13 over one year and an astounding $10 the following year. That’s right! What a Badger State home owner does with $33 over the next two years is anybody’s guess.Read the full story »

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Walker/DNR Pay-to-Play United Sportsmen of Wisconsin $500,000 crony scandal tied to GOP donors and Koch Brothers


The Walker Administration seems to be fueled by Koch Brothers dirty money to be able to float along in a polluted sea of pay-to-play schemes, voter disenfranchisement, theocratic extremism, crony kickbacks for political contributions from well-heeled billionaire out-of-state interests, corrupt no-bid contracts and carelessly inept rejection of millions of dollarsRead the full story »

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As Walker approves unconstitutional new “emergency” rules to attack First Amendment rights, the Tea party is silent


Perhaps the Governor of Wisconsin doesn’t know a specific part of the Constitution that he sworn under oath to defend. The Wisconsin State Constitution: Article 1, Section 4 states: “The right of the people to peaceably assemble, to consult for the common good, and to petition the government, or anyRead the full story »

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Walker bound to try to swamp Wisconsin with far-right ALEC agenda wishes in 2013


Don’t be fooled by Scott Walker’s latest act where he’s trying to be seen as a “moderate” so he can soften his political image in time for a spin as a Presidential candidate in 2016. Granted, the continuing John Doe investigation is still boiling with the real possibility that hisRead the full story »

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Remember the Holiday classic “It’s A Wonderful Life” message and prepare for 2013


Frank Capra, the director of the Holiday classic “It’s a Wonderful Life”, shows how George Bailey goes through a major life’s lesson about greed, the working class and how in the end, greed gets shown the door. As with Walker, ALEC, the Koch Brothers and all the other Republican legionsRead the full story »

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Walker chooses to score political points with Tea Party Romney Republicans by rejecting Wisconsin-run health care exchanges

Walker Koch ACA

The historic the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has many features that Americans love once they get past the Republican/Fox News derisive label “Obamacare”, which term actually was later embraced by the Obama administration. One of the features of the healthcare reform law that calls on American states toRead the full story »

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Romney campaign and Wisconsin Republican Party linked to voter harassment and intimidation training


When you consider how that in 2011, Republicans have promoted the Koch Brothers-funded American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) voter photo ID legislation in at least 35 states. The Brennan Center For Justice has an exhaustive analysis summarizing that “Fourteen states have passed restrictive voting laws and executive actions that haveRead the full story »

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Expensive Koch Brothers-sponsored Madison rally plays with tepid pro-Walker attendance


There are an Koch Brothers-sponsored “Americans For Prosperity” pro-Walker rally in Madison with perfect weather and an expensive audio-visual projection/sound system in place. Granted, the Koch Brothers spare no expense with nice toys to have astroturf rallies. While the Tea Party speakers seemed to be directly affected by Fox NewsRead the full story »

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The Koch Brothers-funded Tea Party GOP challengers all lost badly in three Recall elections

The story you will never see reported on any Murdoch media channel or publication regarding the recent Wisconsin Recall elections is that all three of the Tea Party funded challengers in the Democratic State Senate Recall elections lost. You will never hear the story of all three Tea Party challengersRead the full story »

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The Queen of Quit (Sarah Palin) coming to Madison with the Koch Brother$ Tea Circus Saturday, April 16

The Koch Brothers’ funded “Americans For Prosperity” ( which should be Billionaire Americans For Taking Away Your Prosperity) has paid Sarah Palin enough money for her to “speak” at the Free Ride Tax Rally, or the “Tea Party Rally” in Madison at the Capitol. The web site should be busingRead the full story »

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