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Walker faces new John Doe 2.0 investigation involving five counties and 2011 and 2012 recall elections

John Doe Walker

It turns out a second John Doe investigation that could possibly link Scott Walker and even several Republican legislators involved in five counties in Wisconsin as well as activities in the 2011 and 2012 Recall elections is continuing to be explored. Granted, Walker will probably not be asked by anyRead the full story »

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Walker’s property tax cut to give Wisconsin homeowners a dollar a month to save sluggish economy

dollar yawn

Scott Walker hopes to rescue the sluggish Wisconsin economy by giving the Wisconsin property tax payer a whopping savings of $13 over one year and an astounding $10 the following year. That’s right! What a Badger State home owner does with $33 over the next two years is anybody’s guess.Read the full story »

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Walker bound to try to swamp Wisconsin with far-right ALEC agenda wishes in 2013


Don’t be fooled by Scott Walker’s latest act where he’s trying to be seen as a “moderate” so he can soften his political image in time for a spin as a Presidential candidate in 2016. Granted, the continuing John Doe investigation is still boiling with the real possibility that hisRead the full story »

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Wisconsin Law Enforcement Association files lawsuit against Walker’s collective bargaining law


Republican representative Robin Vos was installed as the new speaker of the Wisconsin state Assembly and is on record regarding the decision by Dane County Circuit Judge Juan Colas ruling that that Walker’s anti-collective bargaining law violated both the state and U.S. Constitution and is null and void. He chirpedRead the full story »

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GOP trying to hide 84 documents proving they are criminals in secrecy tricks during redistricting map process


GOP lawmakers are trying to keep secret and out of public view 84 documents, most of them emails, in a lawsuit over redistricting, even though immigrant rights group Voces de la Frontera says they are ignoring a prior court order to release the documents. That group has filed a lawsuitRead the full story »

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More scandals of secrecy with gerrymandering starring Robin Vos and other GOP Fitzwalkerstan Cultists


Robin Vos, a charter member of the Fitzwalkerstan Cult that rubber-stamped every ALEC-written legislation paid for by the Koch Brothers, has been an obedient servant to his scandal-plagued leader being hunted down by the FBI, Scott Walker. In yet another example of political power-grabbing and illegal actions to placate theRead the full story »

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