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Ed Shultz gets update from John Nichols on recent Walkergate FBI probe (audio)


Ed Schultz got an update from The Nation’s John Nichols regarding the latest news about the FBI “John Doe” investigation where more Walker aides are arrested and all roads seem to be pointing to Scott Walker being involved in serious crimes. This is a very important and interesting story thatRead the full story »

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Wisconsin SD 2 Recall challenger Nancy Nusbaum’s mother dies; forum with Sen. Robert Cowles cancelled

Sad news is being reported and our thoughts, prayers and condolences go out to the Shoman and Nusbaum family and friends in this time. A forum between Cowles and Nusbaum had been scheduled for Monday and has been cancelled. Nancy Nusbaum said Saturday that funeral services for her mother willRead the full story »

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Senator Frank Lasee (R) needs to admit whether he was lying about voter fraud story

During the events leading up to the Republicans voting for the Voter ID bill, which is a voter suppression act, Senator Frank Lasee talked about actually having a personal experience of people breaking the law and committing voter fraud: I talked to several people when we had that controversial voteRead the full story »

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CREW reports that Walker, Fitzgerald and GOP knew they were breaking the law using troopers

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics (CREW) has obtained emails showing that Majority Leader Fitzgerald and his staff were aware that using state troopers to arrest the Democratic 14 was illegal. Both Walker and Fitzgerald violated the law. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and his Republican cohorts in the legislature have someRead the full story »

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Attorney General Van Hollen should be dismissed immediately for siding with Walker on breaking Wisconsin law

Here is video of Attorney General Van Hollen being sworn in to support the Constitution of the United States and the State of Wisconsin: Here is video and commentary of the Republicans BREAKING THE LAW: Van Hollen, by ignoring the Republicans breaking the law and siding with Walker in smashingRead the full story »

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Walker’s view of Wisconsin’s future includes more manure, phosphorous in lakes

Do a simple Google search on Wisconsin lakes and you see this lovely description: Wisconsin may be known for great Cheese and Beer, but we also have a State covered with amazing lakes. Most of our great lakes are located in Northern Wisconsin, which features the Minocqua Lakes, Hayward Lakes,Read the full story »

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Lookee here! Assclown Scott Fitzgerald thinks he’s the new Sheriff of Walkerfitzstan!

Since Scott Fitzgerald, wary of democratic law, has disrespected the Wisconsin Constitution several times in the past few weeks and figures he can continue to overstep and essentially shut down the rights of elected officials who represent several million constituents throughout the state: From: Sen.Fitzgerald Sent: Monday, March 14, 2011Read the full story »

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March 10, 2011-Attorney General Val Hollen’s silence shows Wisconsin is controlled by Koch Brothers religious zealots

If you go to the official Wisconsin Attorney General’s web site, there is NOTHING mentioned about the illegal vote by the Republican Committee to bust unions and prove they are thugs against democratic laws. They are bought-out theocratic swine who don’t respect the Wisconsin Constitution and could give a damnRead the full story »

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Democratic Party of Wisconsin files complaint against Scott Walker’s fake Koch Brothers phone call implications

The proof that Scott Walker and his staff are buffoonish idiots could not be better proven than by the recording of Walker spilling the beans with a fake David Koch. Now there is a legal complaint against Walker and his lackeys and errand boys: The Complaint of the Democratic PartyRead the full story »

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Polls show Wisconsinites strongly disagree with Walker’s divisive, careless arrogance

It would come as no surprise that Scott Walker is unpopular and has proven to be a divisive, arrogant stooge with a messianic complex. A strong majority of Wisconsin residents want Republican Gov. Scott Walker to negotiate with Democrats and public sector unions to find a compromise in the currentRead the full story »

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March 5, 2011-Weekend rally information statewide

Here’s the latest: WE ARE WISCONSIN! RALLY Date: Sat, 03/05/2011 – 12:00pm – 3:30pm Wisconsin State Capitol, King Street entrance East Main and South Pinckney Music by Michelle Shocked and Jon Langford of the Mekons Speakers: Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin State Rep. Kelda Helen Roys Kabzuag Vaj of the community justiceRead the full story »

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March 1, 2011-Senator Glenn Grothman (WI) lies about Madison Capitol protesters (video)

This video was recorded so that you didn’t have to see 2 minutes of ads. On The Last Word, Senator Glenn Grothman makes an ass out of himself (again) by inferring that protesters (including firemen, police, nurses, doctors, teachers and others) are nothing more than “slobs in the building”. TheRead the full story »

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Walker is losing the PR War with his union-busting antics

Nearly 60% of Wisconsin voters think that Walker is wrong on trying to take away collective bargaining, according to a recent poll by Public Policy. Even non-union households are firmly against Walker’s charade. In terms of a recall, with Walker barely in office for two months, the opinions are split.Read the full story »

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Walker and Republicans tactics to not allow citizens into Capitol is UNCONSTITUTIONAL

Not that Walker or the over-reaching Republicans give a rat’s patootie about constitutional law or even democratic policies, but the Wisconsin Constitution (perhaps one of the subjects that Walker missed when he became a college dropout who cheated) offers not a suggestion, but THE LAW: Article One, Section 4: RightRead the full story »

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February 28, 2011-No more additional protesters allowed in Capitol

Of course, this was coming… As of 2:45 p.m., the Capitol remained on lockdown, with only employees, officers and members of the media allowed inside. They are joined by the dozens of protesters who spent the night inside the rotunda, despite efforts to push them out the door. Meanwhile, AssemblyRead the full story »

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