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Walker’s selfish presidential aspirations trump Wisconsin’s educational future with school voucher scam


Scott Walker’s war on public schools and its teachers comes down to one simple fact when it all gets boiled down. He wants to politically destroy public education because many of its constituents are donors to the Democratic Party. It doesn’t matter that it’s “about the kids”, or that it’sRead the full story »

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IRS scrutinizing conservative 501(c)(4) groups worth finding out who they really are


It’s not a big secret that the Koch Brothers fund the Tea Party and have Americans for Prosperity affiliated with 501(c)(4) status (Americans for Prosperity Foundation has 501(c)(3) status) that, thanks to the Supreme Court’s January 2010 “Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission” decision,  provide them with the ability toRead the full story »

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Remember the Holiday classic “It’s A Wonderful Life” message and prepare for 2013


Frank Capra, the director of the Holiday classic “It’s a Wonderful Life”, shows how George Bailey goes through a major life’s lesson about greed, the working class and how in the end, greed gets shown the door. As with Walker, ALEC, the Koch Brothers and all the other Republican legionsRead the full story »

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Video: Walker caught in Ryan lie that Obama was responsible for Janesville GM plant leaving and campaign promise


Anyone who has been covering the likes of Scott Walker know that the guy is the biggest plundering hooligan out there, next to Paul Ryan. So it turns out that Ryan went national with the lie (one of many) in his 2016 announcement speech, or the 2012 VP acceptance speechRead the full story »

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Scott Walker releases 2012 Republican Convention speech where he finally is truthful


Scott Walker is giving a big speech in Tampa at the the Republican National Convention where Mitt Romney and Wisconsin’s Paul Ryan will be nominated as President and Vice President in 2012. It’s a big moment for Walker and he was so excited about the prospect of making a nationalRead the full story »

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Fellow pathological liar Walker’s Michigan speeches for Romney prove Republicans have no idea what the truth is


Walker was in Kalamazoo, Michigan for a $500-a-head fundraiser ($1000 if you want a photo with Walker) for Mitt Romney and gave another speech in Grand Rapids. He had the temerity to actually infuse how “the truth” will be a success for the Romney/Ryan ticket in the November election. IfRead the full story »

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New records show secretive Walker Loyalist Republicans were warned about careless redistricting legislation

WI redistricting investigation

Shutting Democrats out of the process and drawing the redistricting maps in secret, the Walker Republicans passed the gerrymandered legislation after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars with legal help from Madison-based Troupis Law Office and Milwaukee-based Michael Best and Frederich and Scott Walker signed the maps into law namedRead the full story »

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Thanks to Recall efforts, Fitzwalkerstan Cult out of power as Democrats gain state Senate and demand jobs special session


While Scott Walker was able to remain in as Governor thanks to the overwhelming political contributions from out-of-state corporate pay-to-play interests, right-wing zealot billionaires, secret Koch Brothers’-funded superPACs under the radar and a low-information voting population that continues to schizophrenically vote against their own interests, the Democrats have been ableRead the full story »

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Relevance of Stalin’s quote “It’s not the votes that count, it’s who counts the votes” emerging as GOP Recall Election Fraud looms


As the unofficial tally of 2.5 million votes were coming in on June 5 and as many of us were at the Capitol Square at 8pm at the time of polls closing, all reports had the post-closing Exit Polls at a dead heat, 50%-50%. Then, as if it was anotherRead the full story »

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Even with millions of Koch money, Walker campaign shuts down “Victory Center” in Baraboo showing disappearing support


The money is rolling in from out-of-state billionaires, casino owners, Karl Rove, the Koch Brothers, the Republican Governors Association, the Republican Party and Mitt Romney to the Walker campaign. Oddly, no one can find where the central Walker headquarters is in the state. And in a small town like BarabooRead the full story »

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Ed Shultz talks with Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair Mike Tate about latest Wisconsin Recall news (audio)

Recall Scott Walker

Ed Shultz interviewed Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair Mike Tate on May 1, 2012 regarding the Wisconsin Recall election, the John Doe investigation, Republicans running fake recall candidates and Walker’s Billionaire Club donating unprecedented amounts of cash to save him from being recalled. Check out Ed Shultz‘s radio show and linksRead the full story »

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Scott Walker blames others for his failures as governor (video)


The Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics says Wisconsin lost 23,900 jobs between March 2011 and March 2012. Even more dramatic in failure, Walker’s job numbers have plummeted ever since Act 10 was signed in May, 2011. Yet Walker continues to blames others, whether it’s Mayor Barrett or Wisconsin citizens protestingRead the full story »

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Walker’s continuing incompetence and lies can’t hide the truth that Wisconsin remains in last place (video)


Walker recently has “bragged” that his Act 10 policies have saved Wisconsin taxpayers a billion dollars. When you look at how he did his “accomplishment”, it clearly was done on the backs of seniors, children, the poor, public sector workers and many parts of Wisconsin’s economy and future are inRead the full story »

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Report proves Walker’s Act 10 draconian education cuts are leading to massive teacher layoffs


A release from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction skewers the absolute fabrications of “success” that Scott Walker has been making in friendly domains like Fox News and CNBC and out-of-state fundraisers where he has been escaping the state he supposed to be governing. Some of the highlights from theRead the full story »

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Walker at NRA Meeting outshadows Romney while Nugent goes crazy

Scott Walker Ted Nugent Mitt Romney

Scott Walker was at the NRA Convention in St. Louis last weekend pimping for more fear, kickback cash and playing “The Victim” much like Sarah Palin had done before she quit her job as governor. Apparently, he had more applause lines than Mitt Romney, the robotic Uncanny Valley Candidate. ThereRead the full story »

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