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Walker facing damaging John Doe 2.0 investigation linked to secret Koch-funded front groups


Although Scott Walker can play along as some kind of tinfoil hat victim with Fox News political hack Sean Hannity in his puff interview about his new ghost-written book and other “successes” as governor, the news of another John Doe investigation aimed at himself and his blacklisting brigade is wellRead the full story »

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Thanks to Recall efforts, Fitzwalkerstan Cult out of power as Democrats gain state Senate and demand jobs special session


While Scott Walker was able to remain in as Governor thanks to the overwhelming political contributions from out-of-state corporate pay-to-play interests, right-wing zealot billionaires, secret Koch Brothers’-funded superPACs under the radar and a low-information voting population that continues to schizophrenically vote against their own interests, the Democrats have been ableRead the full story »

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June 5 – Stephanie Miller gets Recall election update from WisDem Communications Director Graeme Zielinski (audio)


The Stephanie Miller Show, with hilarious Stephanie Miller, got an update from Wisconsin Democratic Party Communications Director Graeme Zielinski regarding the historic June 5 election day events as the day began. The main message is getting out the vote.

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Scott Walker blames others for his failures as governor (video)


The Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics says Wisconsin lost 23,900 jobs between March 2011 and March 2012. Even more dramatic in failure, Walker’s job numbers have plummeted ever since Act 10 was signed in May, 2011. Yet Walker continues to blames others, whether it’s Mayor Barrett or Wisconsin citizens protestingRead the full story »

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Walker is trying to turn Wisconsin into Wisconsippi with worst job losses in USA (video/audio)


Scott Walker has been on Fox News, CNBC and other bloviating conservative media sideshows lying about how his efforts as governor are working. The only problem is that Wisconsin now is in last place in the country with job losses. That is usually a spot for states like Mississippi. ThisRead the full story »

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Out-of-state donors to Koch Brothers operations invading Wisconsin for recall elections


Americans for Prosperity (AFP) and Americans for Prosperity Foundation (AFPF) are no strangers to Wisconsin citizens, if only because the Orwellian-titled secret 501(C)(3) groups have spent millions of dollars of outside-state money on negative, deceptive political advertising and political maneuvering ever since Walker was running for governor in 2010. AmericansRead the full story »

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Government Accountability Board releases report showing GOP state senator recalls petition signatures were overwhelming

Recall GOP

Despite all the tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists supporting Scott Walker and the Fitzwalkerstan Cult regarding “fraud” with the Recall petition signatures, the Government Accountability Board (GAB) stated that Recall elections must be held for four Republican state senators in a unanimous vote on March 12. A decision on Walker andRead the full story »

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Lori Compas speaks at Reclaim Wisconsin rally in Madison WI – March 10, 2012 (video)

Lori Frame

Tens of thousands of people came out in the beautiful weather in Madison at the state Capitol to mark the one-year anniversary of Governor Scott Walker and the Republicans forcing through the careless Act 10 legislation that attacked working families in Wisconsin and has proven to be a failure. LoriRead the full story »

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Walker calls off Recall Petition challenge whining about an “impossible timeline”


Even though Matt Drudge’s significant other and Tea Party crazed blowhole Andrew Breitbart has been piping up about how they are all over the recall petitions and finding “all kinds of fraud”, apparently they have waved the white flag of surrender after all. It’s hard finding “fraud” where there isn’tRead the full story »

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Scott Fitzgerald’s futile Recall challenges show just how desperate and dishonest he is


Senator Scott Fitzgerald, a careless charlatan who seems to think laws don’t apply to him in his quest to appease Scott Walker’s Koch Brothers Agenda, is certainly becoming more and more paranoid and dishonest in his quest to stop his own recall. We can thank Lori Compass, part of theRead the full story »

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Koch Brothers spend $700,000 for ads to pollute Wisconsin with Walker lies and propaganda

Koch Brothers Scott Walker

We’ve heard the claptrap from Scott Walker when courageously showing up for Fox News softball interviews to say that outside interests are spending tons of money trying to trash him and his precious wonderments he has spawned on Wisconsin. He makes no mention that the Koch Brothers have been spendingRead the full story »

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Wisconsin Solidarity Sing-Along – December 19, 2011: Solidarity Forever (video)


The peaceful crowd of people supporting Walker’s recall came to the Madison State Capitol to sing Recall songs even as Walker’s new public access policy demanded that protestors had to pay to voice their dissent. The classic song “Solidarity Forever” was the final song for the event followed by theRead the full story »

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Recall Walker training sessions across the state this weekend

What a great way to spend the weekend! Get trained to recall the worst governor in the United States! It’s time. Madison October 29, 2011 @ 10:00 am – 8:00 pm October 30, 2011 @ 10:00 am – 8:00 pm 330 E Wilson St. Madison,WI 53703 Contact Recall Trainings: 10am-12pm,Read the full story »

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October 11-Thom Hartmann discusses Walker Recall with John Nichols (audio)

Thom Hartmann got an latest news from The Nation’s John Nichols regarding the announcement that Recall Walker efforts officially begin on November 15, where 540,206 valid recall signatures are needed within 60 days, which would be January 13, 2012. Note: Make sure to visit Thom Hartmann‘s site and offer someRead the full story »

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Showing fear, Fitzwalkerstan Cultists aim to change Recall rules in the middle of the game

Knowing that the voting numbers are there to recall Walker and perhaps other Republican State Senators in 2012, the usual cast of the Fitzwalkerstan Cult is aiming to change the rules for recall efforts and voting in Wisconsin in general. These shameful Koch apparatchiks love America until it gets intoRead the full story »

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