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Walker’s tantrum about trains proves he favors economic treason over Wisconsin jobs

Scott Walker trains

Walker is at it again with wanting to show just how petulant and hypocritical he is regarding his childish actions against providing Wisconsin with jobs and infrastructure improvements with upgraded rail transportation. Proving that economic treason is enough to have him recalled, he is allowing Talgo Inc., who build trainsRead the full story »

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Gogebic Taconite reveals itself as a company that acts like a spoiled child when it can’t get its way

gogebic taconite

It was always a suspicion that Gogebic Taconite only wanted to get their way or would act like a spoiled child that would have a tantrum if anyone dared to amend the environmental impact study sections for the AB426 legislation written by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Although theyRead the full story »

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Minnesota waiting for Walker recall while Illinois and Michigan improve high speed rail systems


Illinois is using hundreds of millions of federal dollars to connect a fast rail system from St. Louis to Chicago. Michigan is connecting a fast rail system with the Detroit-Chicago line. Minnesota is trying to figure out how to connect to Chicago with a fast rail system, but since WalkerRead the full story »

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Besides all other reasons, Walker should be recalled for committing economic treason by stopping Milwaukee-Madison rail project


In 2009, President Obama had announced that there was Wisconsin funding as part of an $8 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 stimulus program for rail projects throughout the United States. Wisconsin funding would be $810 million for an 85-mile Milwaukee-to-Madison route, with stops proposed at Brookfield, OconomowocRead the full story »

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Walker defends losing Madison-Milwaukee rail project based on his own incompetence

With a combination of abject ignorance and a side dish of economic treason, Scott Walker proved that being a half-witted college dropout indicates how factually ungifted he really is. Walker was recently in LaCrosse to ride the Holiday Express train line and “defended” his first big failure to reject $810Read the full story »

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Thanks to Walker rejecting $810 million for trains, taxpayers will pay millions to upgrade Milwaukee-Chicago train line

If you needed yet another example why Scott Walker and the Fitzwalkerstan Cult need to be voted out of office by recalls and other means, this is another glowing example of foolishness and abject stupidity: The Wisconsin Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee today agreed to spend $31.6 million to improve theRead the full story »

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May 9, 2011-Thanks to Walker, $150 million requested for Milwaukee-Chicago train line is rejected

Thanks to Scott Walker’s carelessly insane policy of turning down $810 million in funds to connect the two largest cities in Wisconsin, Madison and Milwaukee, and losing the thousands of jobs and improving the state’s infrastructure, his request to improve the existing train line between Milwaukee to Chicago have beenRead the full story »

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Walker approves of Hiawatha rail project that would cost 16 times more that Madison-Milwaukee rail project he rejected

In the continuing head-scratching saga of just what the hell he is thinking and how incredibly hypocritical he is, Scott Walker is now backing funding for the Hiawatha rail project that connects Milwaukee to Chicago. Let’s see what Scott Walker said in a blog where he was getting all Walker-wankedRead the full story »

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Walker’s rail rejection and economic treason will help get jobs and rail for Iowa and Illinois

When Walker turned down $810 million of federal money to build the 70-mile link between Madison and Milwaukee, he knew it would cost thousands of jobs. Those jobs, for the most part, would have been union jobs. We can see now how he wanted to commit economic treason for theRead the full story »

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Walker’s train rejection has Wisconsin losing out big on high speed rail

It was announced that $8 billion was going to be spent on high-speed rail across the United States over the next eight years. While Walker calls his rejection of jobs, business opportunities and improving infrastructure for Wisconsin a “victory”, it is all but certain that he lost the gamble andRead the full story »

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U.S. Conference of Mayors report indicates that high speed rail projects create more benefits than costs

It’s a basic assumption that Republican Fox News watchers like Scott Walker don’t want facts to get in the way of distorted opinions when it comes to many issues, especially regarding issues related to science. The ignorance becomes even more sordid when it comes to trying to trash the promiseRead the full story »

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Picking apart the lies and distortions Scott Walker makes in his Op-Ed regarding ending the Rail Project

Scott Walker has an op-ed column where he attempts to explain away his ill-thought ideas on destroying chances for a high-speed rail project in Wisconsin.  Let’s pick apart his “logic” for this monumental mistake. Walker writes: Spending hundreds of millions of our tax dollars on building a new, so-called “high-speed”Read the full story »

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Minnesota still on track with high speed rail solution despite Walker’s folly

Minnesota had to deal with anti-rail extremist Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty while Wisconsin’s governor Jim Doyle was trying to continue moderate Republican governor Tommy Thompson’s vision of a modern high-speed rail system in the past years. Now the roles and perceptions have switched.  Minnesota governor-elect Mark Dayton wants to sensiblyRead the full story »

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Minnesota legal battle with Wisconsin over high-speed rail is a distant possibility

The adults in the room know what Scott Walker’s childish decision was to lose millions of dollars and thousands of jobs due to being a college dropout with a paranoid vindetta against “liberal” Madison and a campaign promise that concluded that economic treason was good for votes from extremists. MinnesotaRead the full story »

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Walker’s decision to lose over 11,000 jobs also impacts Madison’s economic future

You would figure that Scott Walker would have had the slightest feeling of responsibility for job losses when he foolishly and cluelessly threw $810 million out the window with the rail project.  When Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood told Walker that his wish to use the Stimulus money for roadsRead the full story »

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