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As Walker approves unconstitutional new “emergency” rules to attack First Amendment rights, the Tea party is silent


Perhaps the Governor of Wisconsin doesn’t know a specific part of the Constitution that he sworn under oath to defend. The Wisconsin State Constitution: Article 1, Section 4 states: “The right of the people to peaceably assemble, to consult for the common good, and to petition the government, or anyRead the full story »

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While Walker remains silent, Madison Capitol Police Chief David Erwin cracks down on grandmothers holding paper signs in Rotunda (video)


Going to the State Capitol yesterday at noon, there was a chill in the air at the Rotunda. While no one was arrested at that particular time for being an American citizen who still has the First Amendment as an available defense against tyranny, those there holding signs were waitingRead the full story »

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August 28 – Solidarity Singers test whether Wisconsin Capitol Building is People’s House (video)


If anyone has ever witnessed those who participated in the Wisconsin Uprising protests at the State Capitol building during the Fitzwalkerstan Era, it was obvious that the events were peaceful. With tens of thousands of participants voicing their concerns and First Amendment Rights, there was practically no violence from theRead the full story »

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Fitzwalkerstan extremist wackjob Rep. Steve Nass proves again he’s afraid of the First Amendment

Steve Nass

It looks like a particularly idiotic charter member of the Fitzwalkerstan Cult has a real problem with freedom of expression. It’s been evident that the freedoms for women, voters, workers and just about all of Wisconsin’s citizens are under attack these days with draconian extremism from the Walker and hisRead the full story »

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List of upcoming events for One-Year Anniversary of the Fitzwalkerstan Attack on Wisconsin


As we approach the one-year anniversary of the Fitzwalkerstan Attack on Wisconsin, some events are coming up that will be a chance for all of us to participate in and let the World know we are indeed mobilized. With the recall elections coming up as well as successfully removing twoRead the full story »

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Dec. 5, 2011-Thom Hartmann gets Recall efforts/protest policy update from DPW’s Graeme Zielinski (audio)

Thom Hartmann interviewed Graeme Zielinski, communications director with the Democratic Party of Wisconsin regarding the Recall election efforts and Walker’s latest unconstitutional antics regarding protestors having to pay before being able to express their First Amendment rights as Americans. Note: Make sure to visit Thom Hartmann’s site and offer someRead the full story »

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Sean Michael Dargan: The Day Scott Walker Is Recalled (performed at Nov. 19 rally)

It’s got a good beat and is easy to dance to. Uploaded by PRWatch on Nov 19, 2011 Sean Michael Dargan and backup from the German Art Students play a new song commissioned by John Nichols, “The Day Scott Walker Is Recalled,” at the Recall Walker Kick-Off Rally in Madison,Read the full story »

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Walker administration damage estimates to Capitol during February-March protests off by 94%

Surely Fox (Not) News will report that the Walker administration was slightly off in their estimates that damage to the State Capitol during the first wave of protests. As they are trumping up the myth of voter fraud where even Republican Attorney General Van Hollen found in a 2-year investigationRead the full story »

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May 7, 2011-Walker gets protestors at Annual Governor’s Fishing Opener in Chippewa Falls (video)

Controversy has surrounded Governor Walker ever since he signed legislation to repeal state workers collective bargaining rights earlier this year. At Saturday’s opener in Chippewa Falls on Lake Wissota, the governor reeled in nearly a dozen protesters in three boats, all with protest signs pointed at him. More from sourceRead the full story »

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The Queen of Quit (Sarah Palin) coming to Madison with the Koch Brother$ Tea Circus Saturday, April 16

The Koch Brothers’ funded “Americans For Prosperity” ( which should be Billionaire Americans For Taking Away Your Prosperity) has paid Sarah Palin enough money for her to “speak” at the Free Ride Tax Rally, or the “Tea Party Rally” in Madison at the Capitol. The web site should be busingRead the full story »

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March 31, 2011-GOP Recall possibilities Alberta Darling & Randy Hopper opposing Walker on Senior cuts

Maybe the heat from the Recall efforts are working with Alberta Darling and Randy Hopper… Madison, WI (WHBL-Learfield) – Two Wisconsin Senate Republicans say they’ll fight plans from their own party’s governor to scale back the Senior-Care prescription drug program. Alberta Darling, who co-chairs the Joint Finance Committee, is oneRead the full story »

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March 5, 2011-Mayor Dave Cieslewicz and Paul Soglin at huge rally together (video)

At the amazing rally on March 5, both Mayor Dave Cieslewicz and Paul Soglin participated and made great statements supporting those fighting against Scott Walker’s antics. This is a video to show how both candidates for Mayor, up for election on April 5, are wonderful people.

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March 29, 2011-Pack the Dane County Courthouse Action

This should be a big event and certainly what democracy should look like! Pack the Dane County Courthouse -Call to Action Event Date: Tuesday, March 29, 2011 – 8:00am – 11:00am Event Website: FaceBook Event Page Taking place at: Dane County Courthouse 215 South Hamilton Street Madison, WI (Map) FromRead the full story »

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Walker turns back the clock on critical police cross-jurisdiction tools by denying funding and helping criminals

It was a matter of time before Walker and his administration would start chopping away at funding for critical tools for police and law enforcement officials in Wisconsin. Since he essentially has proven he and fellow Republicans could care less about Wisconsin law and the Constitution, this effort to crippleRead the full story »

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Wisconsin GOP and DC henchman and errand boys FOIA private citizen for emails

It’s particularly disgusting how the Wisconsin Republican Party, full of theocratic autocrats hellbent on sucking up to the Koch Brothers and attempting to trash the ability of workers to be able to negotiate, are overstepping like zombies with trying to attack a University of Wisconsin professor and attempt to tryRead the full story »

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