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Reclaim Wisconsin March rally in Madison-March 10, 2012 (Extended video)


The “Reclaim Wisconsin March” rally marked one year since Gov. Scott Walker’s bill stripping collective bargaining rights from public employees was passed in the state legislature. This event occurred in Madison, Wisconsin at the State Capitol on the State Street side. Estimates ranged from 35,000 to 65,000. All were peacefulRead the full story »

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Walker agenda makes Wisconsin leading nation in job losses for second straight month


The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the good news about the national economy improving, except for states like Wisconsin, who have charlatans like Scott Walker at the helm. Earlier in the year, Walker had touted that there was job growth in the state, except he forgot one basic fact. ItRead the full story »

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May 14, 2011- “Fight Is Not Over” Rally in Madison, WI (video)

While not all speakers are included in this video montage, you get a general idea of the rally from start to finish for the “Fight Is Not Over” rally. It was a chilly, blustery day in Madison where thousands of people showed up to rally against Governor Scott Walker andRead the full story »

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If Walker tries to stop collective bargaining rights, unions may still exist without official state recognition

Hopefully there wouldn’t be a need for unions to have to give up collective bargaining rights, an American tradition and one that even Walker has admitted would not affect the budget, as he admitted that repealing collective bargaining rights would not save the state any money (watch at 1:32 ofRead the full story »

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March 21, 2011-WI Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen seeks to overturn restraining order on union-busting bill

It was just a matter of time before Van Hollen showed that he’s in bed with Scott Walker and the Koch Brothers and for ignoring the Republicans breaking constitutional law when they illegally passed the union-busting law despite Open Meetings Law. Justice is perhaps on standby until Walker is recalledRead the full story »

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March 18, 2011- Wisconsin judge puts restraining order on Walker’s attempt to break law to pass union-busting bill

The legal battle continues, but there is a chance that Republicans and Democrats could sit down and discuss the collective bargaining legislation like real elected officials that won’t break the law to shove through legislation. MADISON, Wis.—A Wisconsin judge issued a temporary restraining order Friday blocking the state’s new andRead the full story »

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March 12, 2011- Reports from the amazing, huge Capitol Rally in Madison

“Together we’re singing the song of democracy that helps us restore the state we love,” state Sen. Bob Jauch (D-Poplar) told thousands of demonstrators Saturday in front of the state Capitol. “You are the face of Wisconsin,” Jauch said. He said collective bargaining rights curtailed under Gov. Scott Walker’s budget-repairRead the full story »

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March 5, 2011-Michael Moore at Madison anti-Walker We Are Wisconsin Rally (Part 2)

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Big rallies set for this weekend at Madison State Capitol

There will be a rally at the Square on Saturday, March 5 at 2:00pm and another is scheduled for Sunday, March 6 at 12:00 (noon). The latest DOA press release on the public visiting the Capitol is: Visitors to the Capitol must enter and exit at the North and SouthRead the full story »

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March 2, 2011- Net activists “Anonymous” issue press release about Walker/Koch Brothers

With comments about Scott Walker’s union-busting tactics and war on workers in Wisconsin, Anonymous mentions the Koch Brothers’ influence on Walker’s tactic and provides a boycott list (including products produced by Georgia Pacific): It has come to our attention that the brothers, David and Charles Koch–the billionaire owners of KochRead the full story »

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March 1, 2011-College dropout Walker to announce major cuts in Wisconsin education funding

At 4PM at the Capitol in Madison, Scott Walker will use extra police and security measures to not allow Wisconsinites to have access to the Capitol as he delivers his budget address which features over $1 billion in cuts to overall state aid, mostly in education funding. He’s also goingRead the full story »

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February 27, 2011-Sunday Suggestions

While there don’t appear to be any official events posted at the Capitol in Madison as of 8AM, there indeed will be protestors there and voices will need to be heard. An interesting event posted on the site Defend Wisconsin states: When: Sun, February 27, 1:00pm – 2:30pm Where: MadisonRead the full story »

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February 26, 2011- Record turnout at the Madison Capitol Square

It was by far the absolutely largest crowd to rally in Madison. Without even looking at other sources who would estimate the numbers, it was at least 80,000 people or more that came out in the frigid, snowy weather to rally their support for public union workers and against KochRead the full story »

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Saturday: Quotes to remember as this day begins

This may indeed be a very historic day for America and Wisconsin, whether it’s for the struggle for the working class and the outrage at seeing how autocracy laced with theocratic ignorance combines with cronyistic bought out corruption that makes many masses of people come to the streets to showRead the full story »

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Walker meeting with 400+ police in Middleton Marriot to come downtown

A report on the radio has been sent that Scott Walker is meeting with 400+ police officers that will be coming downtown to the Capitol Square. As they say, developing….

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