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Thanks to Recall efforts, Fitzwalkerstan Cult out of power as Democrats gain state Senate and demand jobs special session


While Scott Walker was able to remain in as Governor thanks to the overwhelming political contributions from out-of-state corporate pay-to-play interests, right-wing zealot billionaires, secret Koch Brothers’-funded superPACs under the radar and a low-information voting population that continues to schizophrenically vote against their own interests, the Democrats have been ableRead the full story »

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Efforts to hand count June 5 Recall election ballots underway due to evidence of faulty electronic voting systems


There are enough dots to connect where suspicions about the June 5 Wisconsin Recall election results need to be scrutinized by actually counting the ballots by hand. With exit polling showed Walker and Barrett tied at 50 percent each that day, the sudden switch to a Walker victory was seen asRead the full story »

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Recalled GOP State Senator Van Wanggaard wants recount based on discredited Tea Party tinfoil clown’s plot


Discredited Tinfoil hat conspiracy buffoon and Koch Brothers-funded Americans for Prosperity’s Racine Tea Party apparatchik Lou D’Abbraccio is at it again. Being on the Republican Party of Racine County’s Executive Board, he has performed the Paranoia Pimp Act several times (like a magician that he is supposed to be) sayingRead the full story »

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June 5 Election – Blog Roundup (audio)

Recall Scott Walker

This historic day where the people of Wisconsin get a chance to recall Walker and Kleefisch as well as the possibility of recalling four Republican State Senators who were rubberstamping Walker’s extremist agenda is going to be very exciting. People getting out the vote are in record numbers according toRead the full story »

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June 5 – Stephanie Miller gets Recall election update from WisDem Communications Director Graeme Zielinski (audio)


The Stephanie Miller Show, with hilarious Stephanie Miller, got an update from Wisconsin Democratic Party Communications Director Graeme Zielinski regarding the historic June 5 election day events as the day began. The main message is getting out the vote.

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Reflections on why Walker and Kleefisch need to be recalled (video)

recall train

It is an amazing time in American history and this citizen vlogger feels fortunate to be in Madison. Having lived in other parts of the country during times where political events erupted and shocked the psyche of the people, these times here are like none of the others in intensity.Read the full story »

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Recall Walker: Smoking gun proving Scott Walker is John Doe ready to be indicted (video)

smoking gun

This story should be enough for any sane Wisconsin voter to realize Wisconsin can do a lot better than having a sneaky, arrogant college dropout crook like Scott Walker as Governor. He has been trying to be an extremist “rock star” with the Romney/Bankster Class, the Koch Brothers and theRead the full story »

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June 1- We Are Wisconsin “Get Out The Vote” Rally – some excerpts (video)


Seen in this excerpt portion of the event are Centine, the Solidarity Singers, Jackson Browne, Tom Morello and then everyone who could be on stage… on stage. The final version will have a “board mix”, but this certainly tries to give the event some justice. It was a great crowdRead the full story »

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May 26-Early Vote Rally in Madison with State Senators Mark Miller, Fred Risser and Jon Erpenbach (video)


Senators Mark Miller, Fred Risser and Jon Erpenbach hosted an Early Vote Event just off the Capitol Square (100 North Hamilton Street, next to the new Children’s Museum) during the Madison Farmer’s Market. The main message is that it is a very important message to get out the vote toRead the full story »

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Recall Walker-Republican/Koch Brothers political ads distort the facts (video)


The video begins as a spoof to some 1950′s fantasy of the World with platitudes about Walker that imitate the distorted political ads from the Koch Brothers, Karl Rove, the Republican Governors Association, the Republican National Committee and untold millions from billionaires and others spending 25-to1 against Tom Barrett. RealRead the full story »

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Recall Walker – Lying to Congress, Dividing Wisconsin, Losing thousands of jobs (video)


Scott Walker lied to Congress that he never mentioned collective bargaining when he is record talking about it with his billionaire contributor Diane Hendricks. While he was focused on getting rid of collective bargaining and saying it would save money, he lied again by admitting it didn’t affect the WisconsinRead the full story »

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Ed Schultz gets Recall news update from John Nichols two weeks before election day (audio)


Ed Schultz talks with The Nation’s John Nichols regarding the upcoming recall election, including Walker’s possible Congressional investigation, Janesville newspaper McCarthyism and other news, such as Walker-appointed DNR White-Tailed Deer Trustee Dr. James Kroll head who finds deer hunters “socialists“. The John Doe investigation may be heating up just inRead the full story »

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Recall Scott Walker-Exposing his extremist record as Milwaukee County Executive (video)


The Walker campaign, the Koch Brothers, the Republican Governors Association, Karl Rove’s superPac “American Crossroads”, the Republican National Committee, several Republican billionaires, Fox News and other right-wing factions have been deceiving the people of Wisconsin on Mayor Tom Barrett’s record as well as want to go after his record whileRead the full story »

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Attempting to distract from his worst-in-the-nation jobs record, Walker uses his own rules to “cook the books”


With the Recall election approaching in less than three weeks, Scott Walker must have gotten a call from Karl Rove or someone within the Bush administration that knew how to “cook the books” by essentially making horrific Wisconsin job losses as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) somehowRead the full story »

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Important dates leading up to the historic June 5 Recall Election

Recall Scott Walker

As the Recall election gets closer to June 5 and the people of Wisconsin get a chance to prove that plutocratic riches and tyranny can’t buy the Badger State, there are some important dates to be aware of. May 16: Sen. Terry Moulton, R-Chippewa Falls, and former Rep. Kristen Dexter,Read the full story »

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