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Walker changing rules to get the Partisan Trifecta: Executive, Legislative and now Judicial Branch to save him from John Doe II indictment


Scott Walker has been acting like he’s a banana republic potentate with partisan governance of Wisconsin while following his orders from the Koch Brothers and its dark-money funded super-PAC political operations, the Bradley Foundation, the Republican Party, Karl Rove, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce and others that are linked to theRead the full story »

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Court releases thousands of emails, documents in John Doe investigation despite Walker fighting against it


Although the usual suspects in the Walker administration and the Republicans defending his dismal record will blame Democratic gubernatorial challenger Mary Burke for the release of documents, Court of Appeals Judge Patricia Curley ordered the release of over 27,000 emails and 434 pages of documents of Walker’s deputy chief ofRead the full story »

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Walker faces new John Doe 2.0 investigation involving five counties and 2011 and 2012 recall elections

John Doe Walker

It turns out a second John Doe investigation that could possibly link Scott Walker and even several Republican legislators involved in five counties in Wisconsin as well as activities in the 2011 and 2012 Recall elections is continuing to be explored. Granted, Walker will probably not be asked by anyRead the full story »

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Scott Walker holds on to criminal defense fund as John Doe investigation ends with criminal convictions


Somehow, Walker fans are jubilant that the John Doe investigation has ended, as of March 1, 2013. While Scott Walker spent nearly a half million dollars in an unprecedented criminal defense fund that he still maintains, the now terminated John Doe investigation led to criminal convictions against six individuals, includingRead the full story »

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Tim Russell pleads guilty to embezzling “Operation Freedom” funds as John Doe investigation expands


UPDATE: Tim Russell was sentenced to two years in prison and two years of extended supervision on January 22, 2013 in Milwaukee County Circuit Court for stealing money from the veterans group Heritage Guard Preservation Society. When Scott Walker was Milwaukee County executive, former aide and fellow criminal Tim RussellRead the full story »

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Kelly Rindfleisch sentenced as FBI/John Doe investigation circles closer to Walker connection to illegal activities


While Scott Walker is at Ronald Reagan’s ranch in California trying to get rid of Wisconsin’s “same-day voter registration law” because he’s lying about how seniors operating as poll workers can’t handle it, the John Doe investigation took a harrowing, focused turn against him with the sentencing of his formerRead the full story »

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John Doe investigation expands as Walker aide Tim Russell to face trial on December 3


As the John Doe investigation continues with evidence circling closer to Scott Walker’s political fate at hand, the next stage will continue with the trial of former Walker aide Timothy Russell facing trial on December 3, 2012 despite trying to slink out of justice with petty charges and a fewRead the full story »

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FBI/John Doe investigation expands as Walker is subpoenaed in Rindfleisch trial


UPDATE: Kelly Rindfleisch, Walker’s deputy chief of staff when he was Milwaukee County executive, will plead guilty to a single felony count as part of a deal with prosecutors, according to a Settlement Agreement. The John Doe investigation has taken another dark turn for Scott Walker. Walker’s deputy chief ofRead the full story »

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Scott Walker on witness list for upcoming trials for former staffers Tim Russell and Kelly Rindfleisch


As the continuing FBI John Doe investigation probably snags Walker for a number of charges, the first stages leading to that undoing of his career begin this month and continue with two trials of his former staff where he is linked. Tim Russell and Kelly Rindfleisch probably don’t want to takeRead the full story »

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Video: Walker caught in Ryan lie that Obama was responsible for Janesville GM plant leaving and campaign promise


Anyone who has been covering the likes of Scott Walker know that the guy is the biggest plundering hooligan out there, next to Paul Ryan. So it turns out that Ryan went national with the lie (one of many) in his 2016 announcement speech, or the 2012 VP acceptance speechRead the full story »

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FBI/John Doe Investigation expands statewide as Walker/Thompson aide Tim Russell hires public defender


It has been indicated earlier in reports that the FBI/John Doe investigation into Scott Walker’s direct involvement was expanding beyond his time as Milwaukee County executive and now expanding statewide and including events that are being investigated across Wisconsin. It turns out that the widening investigation into Walker’s bouts withRead the full story »

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FBI/John Doe Investigation Update: Prosecution reveals press leaks from defense lawyers and other details


Rumors that Walker staffers former Director of Constituent Services Darlene Wink (PDF) and former Deputy Chief of Staff and personal campaign fundraiser Kelly Rindfleisch (PDF) are about to be charged and are expected to cooperate with the Milwaukee District Attorney investigation. Prosecutors did their part with the misdemeanor charges, andRead the full story »

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Romney may regret photo-op with Walker in Janesville visit with future John Doe indictment pending


While there were no Wawa stores where one can purchase a “hoagie” in Janesville, as Romney gaffed his way through a recent visit in his Trojan Horse Tour hiding Republican extremism with a robotic performance known for his “uncanny valley” antics, he did stop by in his Bus Tour andRead the full story »

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Reflections on why Walker and Kleefisch need to be recalled (video)

recall train

It is an amazing time in American history and this citizen vlogger feels fortunate to be in Madison. Having lived in other parts of the country during times where political events erupted and shocked the psyche of the people, these times here are like none of the others in intensity.Read the full story »

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Recall Walker: Smoking gun proving Scott Walker is John Doe ready to be indicted (video)

smoking gun

This story should be enough for any sane Wisconsin voter to realize Wisconsin can do a lot better than having a sneaky, arrogant college dropout crook like Scott Walker as Governor. He has been trying to be an extremist “rock star” with the Romney/Bankster Class, the Koch Brothers and theRead the full story »

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