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Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia catches Scott Walker deceptively misusing economic report for political ads


Scott Walker has continued to get a free pass from the corporate media when he continues the lie that he has balanced the Wisconsin budget while stripping workers’ rights with collective bargaining and other American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) authored legislation shoved through the Republican House and Senate. They neverRead the full story »

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Wisconsin loses thousands of jobs while Walker remains delusional about his failures in own fake report


Scott Walker is doing all he can to change the subject that Wisconsin lost an estimated 6,200 private-sector jobs in April, which is the second consecutive month of private-sector job losses in the state. The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development released the report and it’s certainly almost as bad forRead the full story »

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Attempting to distract from his worst-in-the-nation jobs record, Walker uses his own rules to “cook the books”


With the Recall election approaching in less than three weeks, Scott Walker must have gotten a call from Karl Rove or someone within the Bush administration that knew how to “cook the books” by essentially making horrific Wisconsin job losses as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) somehowRead the full story »

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Walker committing economic treason as governor puts Wisconsin in 51st place (video)


The US Bureau of Labor Statistics puts Wisconsin in 51st place (including Washington DC) in record job losses from March 2011 to March 2012. It is because of Walker’s bad policies, divisive lack of leadership and actions of economic treason (giving up $810 million in funds for the rail lineRead the full story »

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Walker’s failed policies continue to keep Wisconsin in last place with more job losses

Walker Wisconsin Last Place

Last year, Wisconsin last over 12,500 jobs and was ranked in last place in the United States for such losses under the so-called “leadership” of Scott Walker. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, neighboring states like Michigan (+90,000), Minnesota (+48,000) and Illinois (+40,000) are doing much better, so Walker’sRead the full story »

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Six months of private sector job losses not stopping Walker from saying he’s creating jobs on Fox News


It sure looks like Walker’s record as governor attacking the working class and rewarding his political contributors with tax loopholes and kickbacks isn’t working out for the people of Wisconsin. Walker does like to go on Fox News and CNBC when not being out of state going to swanky fundraisersRead the full story »

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Scott Walker sets it straight why he should be recalled (video)


Scott Walker was interviewed regarding how he felt about the recall elections and how he needed to be judged on how he wants to create 250,000 jobs by 2014. What has happened is that he has credited jobs that the previous Democratic Governor Jim Doyle had created as well asRead the full story »

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Walker agenda makes Wisconsin leading nation in job losses for second straight month


The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the good news about the national economy improving, except for states like Wisconsin, who have charlatans like Scott Walker at the helm. Earlier in the year, Walker had touted that there was job growth in the state, except he forgot one basic fact. ItRead the full story »

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November 28-Thom Hartmann discusses latest Recall/Wisconsin news with John Nichols (audio)

Thom Hartmann got an latest news from The Nation’s John Nichols regarding the Recall Walker efforts, which officially began on November 15, where 540,206 valid recall signatures are needed within 60 days, which would be January 13, 2012. Petition signatures have reached up to 270,000 after two weeks and WisconsinRead the full story »

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College dropout Scott Walker caught in lie about college grads attending tech schools

Walker was in a recent interview in Green Bay where he was trying to say that there are jobs out there and that college graduates with four-year degrees were going back to technical schools. He essentially pulled that “fact” out of his arse: Walker said “the largest category of peopleRead the full story »

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Walker’s campaign promise of 250,000 new private sector jobs by 2015 looks like it’s not going to happen

When Walker became governor, the unemployment rate in Wisconsin was 7.3%. It’s now 7.8%. Walker’s promise of creating 250,00 private-sector jobs by 2015 is seen as impossible, thanks to Walker attacking workers and drumming up enough negative headlines that would make any sane private sector interest look elsewhere to locateRead the full story »

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Walker wants anti-consumer “Jobs” bills made law helping his corporate donors while not creating new jobs

Let’s say you won a lawsuit case where the company you sued owes you money with 12% interest if they don’t start paying you back. Walker wants them to only pay the prime interest rate (currently about 4.25%) plus 1%. Who does that help? It helps the person or corporationRead the full story »

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Walker takes credit for jobs created in Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa and Michigan

Scott Walker did technically say he would create jobs while governor, but he perhaps failed to mention that those jobs were created in neighboring states. It’s frankly confounding how he would use data from a jobs website to somehow parse credit for jobs in those other states. Is he thatRead the full story »

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President Obama shares plan to create jobs with joint session of Congress

President Obama Presents American Jobs Act September 08, 2011 Download mp4 (314MB) Read the Transcript Source: White House

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Walker blames Europe and Obama for private sector jobs leaving Wisconsin

Walker was bragging in June about how his Walker magic was making for more jobs in Wisconsin. Then this jobs report comes out and you can guess what he did. He blames somebody else. Wisconsin lost 12,500 private-sector jobs last month in the deepest single-month decline since the depths ofRead the full story »

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