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Walker chooses to score political points with Tea Party Romney Republicans by rejecting Wisconsin-run health care exchanges

Walker Koch ACA

The historic the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has many features that Americans love once they get past the Republican/Fox News derisive label “Obamacare”, which term actually was later embraced by the Obama administration. One of the features of the healthcare reform law that calls on American states toRead the full story »

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Walker says he will ignore Affordable Care Act law until after November elections, endangering Wisconsin citizens


Even though Scott Walker embraced the heart of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka “ObamaCare”, when he said he would not allow the people of Wisconsin to have their healthcare coverage dropped due to pre-existing conditions if the law had been reversed by the Supreme Court, he thenRead the full story »

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Walker beginning to regret his anti-Obama screeds with “Affordable Care Act” laws he calls “ObamaCare”


With the approach of the date where the United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) will make a decision on the constitutionality of President Obama’s “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)”, signed into law on March 23, 2010, Scott Walker and other Republicans have been highly critical about “ObamaCare” forRead the full story »

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Many Reasons to Recall Walker and Kleefisch – Austerity Fails (video)


It’s not just about unions and collective bargaining. Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch both need to be recalled not only due to being failures with creating jobs, but also for inflicting drastic cuts to programs for children, seniors, women, the working poor, the disabled and students. Walker’s draconian austerity measuresRead the full story »

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Women Watch, Women Rally, Women Vote: Mad as Hell Rally in Madison-March 13 (video/photos)


Here are some video excerpts from the event. The Koch-ALEC Monster will want to inflict some last minute business in the continuing War on Women at the state Capitol in Madison. There’s AB 337, which repeals the Health Youth Act. Another filthy piece of legislation is AB 154, which bansRead the full story »

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American Cancer Society calls Walker turning down $37 million health care exchange funding “backward”


It’s getting down to this. If there was a game show called “Fitzwalkerstan”, Walker would be the champion for always choosing political calculation over making a responsible decision on so many issues. That is why he is being recalled if the current trend continues. In a recent decision, Walker hasRead the full story »

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Walker was told to lift caps on state’s Family Care programs, but tried to take credit for what he had to do


It seemed like Scott Walker was seeing the light and maybe was tired of being called Scrooge during the Holiday Season. You almost thought something was wrong with your radio or TV if you heard Walker sounding like he being a pretty cool guy who wanted to suddenly help outRead the full story »

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Fitzwalkerstan Cult passes puritanical, extremist abstinence-only “sex education” legislation

During the so-called “Jobs session”, the Fitzwalkerstan Cult proved again that they care more for passing extremist, puritanical, superstitious, ignorant, anti-science, cock-eyed legislation that not only endangers Wisconsin adolescent health but is policy that has proven to fail badly in other states and cost taxpayers more money to pay forRead the full story »

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Fitzwalkerstan Cult favors endangering Wisconsin teen health for political payback and campaign contributions

Withholding information and distorting proven facts for a politically extremist agenda is something the Fitzwalkerstan Cult and Scott Walker are very familiar with. Look at how they completely distorted the myth of voter fraud to push through the Voter ID legislation. Their tired tirades about how there was a voterRead the full story »

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Obama’s Affordable Care Act brings nearly $4 million to Wisconsin citizens

Despite the Republicans (and the willing mainstream corporate media) calling President Obama’s Affordable Health Care for America Act the derisive term “Obamacare” and wanting to trash and demonize it the same way corrupt Republicans did in the 1930s with FDR’s Social Security and other legislation, this program and legislation willRead the full story »

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March 31, 2011-GOP Recall possibilities Alberta Darling & Randy Hopper opposing Walker on Senior cuts

Maybe the heat from the Recall efforts are working with Alberta Darling and Randy Hopper… Madison, WI (WHBL-Learfield) – Two Wisconsin Senate Republicans say they’ll fight plans from their own party’s governor to scale back the Senior-Care prescription drug program. Alberta Darling, who co-chairs the Joint Finance Committee, is oneRead the full story »

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If Walker has his way, look for stinkier, deadlier lakes in Wisconsin

A pound of phosphorus, from eutrophication (sewage effluent and agricultural run-off carrying fertilizers), can produce five hundred pounds of fish-killing, poisonous, very smelly and potentially dangerous algae in Wisconsin waters. Besides the smell and fish-kill and other consequences, such environmental damage affects recreation, fishing, hunting and enjoyment of looking atRead the full story »

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Walker and Van Hollen team up to have Wisconsin taxpayers pay $365 million for petty political lawsuit

Governor-elect Scott Walker and Attorney General J.B Van Hollen are teaming up for a political lawsuit aiming at the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Thanks to their careless antics, Wisconsinites should be prepared to pay $365 million in taxes to pay for a lawsuit that attempts to stop healthcareRead the full story »

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Is Walker looking at screwing over the poor because he’s a phony reborn Christian?

It’s not any news that Scott Walker is a generic reborn “Christian” of the ilk that thinks that the poor are mostly people to ignore, to cut the necessary funds of programs that allow them to barely survive and do all he can to be anti-science when it comes toRead the full story »

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