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Carrying a Concealed Weapon (CCW) laws being considered by Wisconsin legislation

Concealed carry, or CCW (carrying a concealed weapon) laws are being considered in Wisconsin. There are gun control groups and law enforcement officers on one side and gun rights groups on the other side of the debate. The issue even has been termed bi-partisan in many other states. Lawmakers haveRead the full story »

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Walker takes credit for jobs that Doyle announced before he left office

Scott Walker has chased away and destroyed opportunities for thousands of jobs since he’s been in office, so why not take claim for jobs that Governor Doyle announced last December and think no one would bother to Google the story? Thanks, Scott. Being someone that was known to have cheatedRead the full story »

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Far Right-Wing radio zombie Vicki “Pyzynski” McKenna shows just how insane some Tea Party twits are

It’s knuckledraggers like skanky lecherous slime Vicki “Pyzynski” McKenna, a frizzle-headed pothole of a woman on Madison’s WIBA-AM, who would have the seminal mental instability to accuse police and firemen in Madison with lies that can only be rivaled with her sweetheart, Sarah Palin. WTDY 1670AM’s “Sly in the Morning”Read the full story »

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April 6, 2011-Ed Shultz interviews John Nichols regarding Wisconsin election results (audio)

Ed Shultz interviews John Nichols at the Capitol in Madison on Wednesday, April 6, 2011 regarding the Wisconsin state election. Note: a portion of the introduction was not recorded. This was recorded about 11:15CST before full results were reported.

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March 23, 2011- WTDY-AM’s “Sly In The Morning” interview with Madison legend Ben Masel (audio)

John “Sly” Sylvester interviewed Ben Masel about events in Madison, politics and life’s surprises on Wednesday, March 23, 2011: Note: a small portion of the interview is missing after first commercial break.

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March 22, 2011-Thom Hartmann gets update from John Nichols on recent events (audio)

Thom Hartmann interviews John Nichols at the Capitol about events in Madison and across the country on Tuesday, March 22, 2011: Note: Make sure to visit Thom Hartmann’s site and offer some support.

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Video: Fired For Her Tweets – Madison Palm Tree Revue (new)

Based on a true story on the Square about a woman who was ratted out by a fellow workmate who was a Republican and fired for what she wrote on Twitter, the new band “Madison Palm Tree Revue” wrote this little catchy tune: Fired For Her Tweets – Madison PalmRead the full story »

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March 6, 2011-Anti-Walker protesters outnumber Walker supporters at Koch Brothers’ Walker rally

The turnout at the Koch Brothers-sponsored AEP rally at the Alliant Energy Center was very interesting. There were at least 300 anti-Walker protesters who gladly were outside in the cold and made their voice heard in comparison to about 100 Walker supporters (and that’s being generous) who showed up toRead the full story »

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Laura Flanders’ GritTv feature with Michael Moore on Walker’s Attack on Workers

Source: GRITtv

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Scott Walker’s lying “Fireside” chat (with sound effects)

Barf bags may need to be available to watch this video. Please refrain from hitting your computer monitor or screen. Feel free to play the sound effects. Sound effects: Boo: Boo: Pigs: Rollins Band-Liar:

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Tuesday: Ed Shultz interviews Tammy Baldwin and John Nichols on latest rally news

Ed Shultz interviews Tammy Baldwin and John Nichols at the Capitol in Madison on Tuesday, February 22: Make sure to give some love to Ed Shultz for all he has done with these travails.

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Walker meeting with 400+ police in Middleton Marriot to come downtown

A report on the radio has been sent that Scott Walker is meeting with 400+ police officers that will be coming downtown to the Capitol Square. As they say, developing….

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We Love You!

This web site has gotten over 40,000 unique visitors on this site since last week. People literally from all over the World have stopped by. This indeed is what democracy looks like!

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Photos from Thursday’s Rally in Madison

There is a large crowd on every corner of the Capitol as well as many inside the main building.

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Tuesday rallies underway with increased security

Here is some video of Walker reacting to protestors (at 10:30AM): Crowds are rallying at the steps of the State Capitol as well as inside in protest of Gov. Walkers’ budget plan to end collective bargaining rights for nearly all public employees. The American Federation of Labor and Congress ofRead the full story »

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