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Karl Rove’s friend Scott Walker “John Doe II” investigation expands as national media pays attention


It’s been a roller coaster ride with twists and turns regarding the John Doe II investigation, where recent documents have been released that imply that Walker was involved in a “criminal scheme” with not only Koch Brothers-funded groups like Americans For Prosperity and Club For Growth, but also with KarlRead the full story »

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Walker’s upcoming book effort collaborating with former Bush/Rumsfeld speechwriter a perfect fit


With the 10th anniversary of the Iraq War this year, where the American people were lied to by the Bush administration into going to war based on absolute lies, it is very evident that the speeches made by former President George W. Bush, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, formerRead the full story »

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Scott Walker releases 2012 Republican Convention speech where he finally is truthful


Scott Walker is giving a big speech in Tampa at the the Republican National Convention where Mitt Romney and Wisconsin’s Paul Ryan will be nominated as President and Vice President in 2012. It’s a big moment for Walker and he was so excited about the prospect of making a nationalRead the full story »

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Walker’s fanatical view of women as second class citizens aligns perfectly with Romney, Ryan and Republican Party


It should come as no surprise that Scott Walker would agree with Missouri Republican Senate Candidate Todd Akin, running against Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill, that women, once raped, are somehow able to not get pregnant due to some special (completely unscientifically provable) impulse that stops the pregnancy. After all, theRead the full story »

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Scott Walker’s lovefest with Paul Ryan show how they both share extremist views and Koch Brothers money

Paul Ryan Scott Walker Koch Brothers Fox News

Perhaps by the time 2013 rolls around, we will have Scott Walker facing indictments for his obvious connections to the corruption and pay-to-play tactics in the FBI John Doe investigation that should start heating up with the Tim Russell trial in mid-September. Granted, Russell goes through lawyers like his partnerRead the full story »

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Walker is trying to turn Wisconsin into Wisconsippi with worst job losses in USA (video/audio)


Scott Walker has been on Fox News, CNBC and other bloviating conservative media sideshows lying about how his efforts as governor are working. The only problem is that Wisconsin now is in last place in the country with job losses. That is usually a spot for states like Mississippi. ThisRead the full story »

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Walkerbot Right-Wing Echo Chamber Stooges Unhinged: Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin

In what is a new feature where we feature Walkerbots who blindly follow along with the Republican National Committee taking points list and deliver that garbled nonsense in an unhinged fashion, we find one of the most virulent, hateful, despicable humans on Fox News who can unravel those RNC talkingRead the full story »

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Walker signs ALEC-written War on Women/Children/Workers legislation like an obedient tool


More reasons to recall this jackass. Walker clearly has shown he’s against women and is for gutting public school education. He’ll get the Koch Brothers and Fox News to cover for him in his quest to further his career as a theocratic extremist that would make Christine O’Donnell proud. MADISONRead the full story »

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Government Accountability Board approves 900,938 valid Recall Walker signatures


Despite all the usual claptrap from Walker, the Fitzwalkerstan Cult cast of characters, right-wing conspiracy wingnut radio hosts and foaming-at-the-mouth Tea Party oafs that screamed that there would never be enough recall signatures to put Walker, Kleefisch and other Republicans into recall elections, it turns out they were wrong. Again.Read the full story »

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Six months of private sector job losses not stopping Walker from saying he’s creating jobs on Fox News


It sure looks like Walker’s record as governor attacking the working class and rewarding his political contributors with tax loopholes and kickbacks isn’t working out for the people of Wisconsin. Walker does like to go on Fox News and CNBC when not being out of state going to swanky fundraisersRead the full story »

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Walker lies on the Fox News and Friends curvy couch – our corrections (video)


Walker appeared on Fox and Friends the day after the recall petition signatures were delivered to lie about his record and lay out his strategy for trying to remain governor. He was given a very delicate softball interview where he could go full on with the usual distortions and liesRead the full story »

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Scott Walker and Fox News lies debunked in interview (video)


Scott Walker was on Fox News Morning on December 23 with the usual Murdoch appeasers who were clearly trying to give the Governor a puff interview and feeding him with lies, distortions and whining complaints about how the Recall effort was going. It’s painful to watch this particular kind ofRead the full story »

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Another survey proves that Fox News viewers are more uninformed than those who don’t watch any news at all

It’s no surprise that if you spend any time having your soul sucked out by watching the nonsensical GOP TV propaganda through Rupert Murdoch’s Fox (So-called) News that stupidity, xenophobia, homophobia, racism and fact-free germs of ignorance will surely pollute you and those around you. There have been many studiesRead the full story »

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Labor Day Message: Perfect example how Fox News is at war on American Workers and are pathological liars

Fox News has been very obedient with Murdoch’s War on Workers as well as has Koch Brothers-funded claptrappers on their “news shows” trashing public workers and unions. Labor Notes‘ Mark Brenner seriously blows major holes into the false arguments of Fox News’ Tracy Byrne, the host of “America’s Nightly Scoreboard”,Read the full story »

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Walker admits that Republicans will try to pass anti-union legislation “sooner or later” (video)

Cavuto mentioned how there were riots in the streets during the protests. Seriously… riots. What is clearly evident is that Walker wants the Republicans to try to pass Act 10, the anti-union destruction of collective bargaining legislation, again in June after the state Supreme Court probably agrees with Dane CountyRead the full story »

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