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Scott Walker aims for the GOP Presidential Anti-Intellectual Sweet Spot with Wisconsin Budget


With his continuously obedient, obsessive efforts to appease the Koch Brothers’-funded American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)‘s agenda and turn Wisconsin into an Oligarchical Kleptocracy with some theocratic trimmings, Scott Walker’s “bold and fresh” ideas are nothing more than obediently paying homage to Republican anti-intellectual principles that coincidentally seem to meshRead the full story »

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Walker caught in lie about wanting to gut University of Wisconsin’s mission statement mentioning “the search for truth”


Self-obsessed career politician Scott Walker is very, very focused on running for President in 2016.  Polling shows him leading in Iowa and many in the national press, who obviously have not done due journalistic diligence, call him a “successful”, viable governor.  Not being concerned by ironic details like how Walker’sRead the full story »

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Walker’s predictable regurgitation of deception continues with his State of the State flim-flam show


Governor Walker stated in his 2014 State of the State address that “the days of double-digit tax increases, billion-dollar deficits, and major job loss are gone”. Of course, he’s completely lying on all three points, which is to be expected from someone more interested in his 2016 presidential aspirations thanRead the full story »

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Walker’s selfish presidential aspirations trump Wisconsin’s educational future with school voucher scam


Scott Walker’s war on public schools and its teachers comes down to one simple fact when it all gets boiled down. He wants to politically destroy public education because many of its constituents are donors to the Democratic Party. It doesn’t matter that it’s “about the kids”, or that it’sRead the full story »

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Why ALEC-funded school vouchers are a scam far greater than just destroying American public education


Republican Assembly leader Robin Vos and the Republicans want to fast-track school voucher programs in Wisconsin for a couple basic reasons. Using taxpayer money that would go toward public schools would be directed towards home schooling and private schools, thus weakening public education, which is a major part of theRead the full story »

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Not a story from The Onion: Walker delivers education reform speech at Harvard University


This has got to be one of the funniest headlines ever to come through the Associated Press EVER. If you’re half-awake, this would make you double-take and want to make sure your computer monitor is not broken. How could a college dropout who was kicked out of Marquette who slashedRead the full story »

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Walker’s Act 10 War On Teachers takes aim with slashing cost of living increases

Walker War on Teachers

As part of Walker’s “dropped bomb”, otherwise known as Act 10, the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission has issued a new policy, regarding “base wages” essentially taking aim at teachers and other professionals whose salaries are gauged by higher college education levels and post-graduate credits earned. Instead of getting a cost-of-livingRead the full story »

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Walker signs ALEC-written War on Women/Children/Workers legislation like an obedient tool


More reasons to recall this jackass. Walker clearly has shown he’s against women and is for gutting public school education. He’ll get the Koch Brothers and Fox News to cover for him in his quest to further his career as a theocratic extremist that would make Christine O’Donnell proud. MADISONRead the full story »

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Now that it’s 2012, expect Walker budget cuts to really hit Wisconsin citizens hard


As 2012 begins, a list of how the Walker budget cuts needs to be shown to show how much the cuts are, who it affects and who gets the tax breaks and loopholes from Walker that are funded on the backs of the middle, working and poor classes in Wisconsin.Read the full story »

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Debunked Walker ad with Monona Grove School District Superintendent response (video)


Monona Grove School District teacher Jeff Knutson is featured in a Koch Brothers ad supporting Scott Walker that is deceptive. Knutson’s boss, Monona Grove School District Superintendent Craig Gerlach clearly lays out the truth behind the reckless budget cuts for public schools and specifically the effects of the cuts towardRead the full story »

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Government Accountability Board reverses decision allowing tech school photo IDs with stickers and GOP is upset

There is one thing anyone needs to know before even understanding the recent reverse decision by the Government Accountability Board (GAB) to allow for stickers for tech college IDs to vote in elections. The Voter ID legislation passed by the Fitzwalkerstan Cult and signed into law by soon-to-be-recalled Scott WalkerRead the full story »

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Fitzwalkerstan Cult passes puritanical, extremist abstinence-only “sex education” legislation

During the so-called “Jobs session”, the Fitzwalkerstan Cult proved again that they care more for passing extremist, puritanical, superstitious, ignorant, anti-science, cock-eyed legislation that not only endangers Wisconsin adolescent health but is policy that has proven to fail badly in other states and cost taxpayers more money to pay forRead the full story »

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Fitzwalkerstan Cult favors endangering Wisconsin teen health for political payback and campaign contributions

Withholding information and distorting proven facts for a politically extremist agenda is something the Fitzwalkerstan Cult and Scott Walker are very familiar with. Look at how they completely distorted the myth of voter fraud to push through the Voter ID legislation. Their tired tirades about how there was a voterRead the full story »

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Walker goes on his “Arrogant Liar” tour in New York City for NBC’s “Education Nation 2011″ conference

Scott Walker was in New York City representing himself (a college dropout) as an expert on education and fulfilling the Koch Brothers/ALEC agenda to attack public education, teachers and destroy collective bargaining in Wisconsin and offering that disastrous set of policies to the nation. The biggest lie that Walker saysRead the full story »

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Walker’s drastic education cuts get Wisconsin a Gold and a Bronze award for the most slashing against K-12 schools nationally

It’s just a matter of time before those who still support Scott Walker and the Fitzwalkerstan Cult’s drastic $800+million cuts in education hit home, literally, with making it harder for Wisconsin students to get a reasonable education and we know why. It’s a war on public education with the fullRead the full story »

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