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Court releases thousands of emails, documents in John Doe investigation despite Walker fighting against it


Although the usual suspects in the Walker administration and the Republicans defending his dismal record will blame Democratic gubernatorial challenger Mary Burke for the release of documents, Court of Appeals Judge Patricia Curley ordered the release of over 27,000 emails and 434 pages of documents of Walker’s deputy chief ofRead the full story »

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Tim Russell pleads guilty to embezzling “Operation Freedom” funds as John Doe investigation expands


UPDATE: Tim Russell was sentenced to two years in prison and two years of extended supervision on January 22, 2013 in Milwaukee County Circuit Court for stealing money from the veterans group Heritage Guard Preservation Society. When Scott Walker was Milwaukee County executive, former aide and fellow criminal Tim RussellRead the full story »

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Cronyism and corruption boiling over with Walker’s pet project “Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation”

WEDC scandal

Let’s say you live in Wisconsin and wanted to start a small business and wanted information on what programs there were since you were interested in consultation, technical assistance and relocation assistance. Perhaps low income families needed assistance. Perhaps you were a concerned citizen who wanted to make sure yourRead the full story »

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Evidence proving that Walker is lying in FBI John Doe investigation known as Walkergate (video)


This short video is a visual illustration of the proof that Scott Walker is lying about how he didn’t know about the secret email system that was used for illegal campaign activity in his Milwaukee County Executive office. There is evidence obtained in the investigation that proves that not onlyRead the full story »

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Ed Shultz gets update from John Nichols on recent Walkergate FBI probe (audio)


Ed Schultz got an update from The Nation’s John Nichols regarding the latest news about the FBI “John Doe” investigation where more Walker aides are arrested and all roads seem to be pointing to Scott Walker being involved in serious crimes. This is a very important and interesting story thatRead the full story »

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Tim Russell, charged with embezzling money from military vets group, is part of Walker’s inner circle


Scott Walker has gotten on his Harley to promote various questionable things over the years. Pictured at an event for the military veterans support group “Operation Freedom”, Walker wore his American flag Hawaiian shirt that appeared to make him look so neato. The problem with Walker and Harleys is thatRead the full story »

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Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen prefers protecting Walker than doing his job with FBI investigation

The FBI John Doe investigation into Scott Walker and his cronies using Milwaukee County government assets for Walker’s political career and other sordid chicanery developing behind the scenes won’t get any assistance from Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen, who has a history of covering up for Walker in the recentRead the full story »

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The FBI John Doe investigation in Walker’s Milwaukee County Exec past is widening

The expanding FBI John Doe investigation in Milwaukee County of Cynthia Archer’s home in Madison may be just the tip of the iceberg in a federal investigation of how there was alleged misuse of county computers by Scott Walker’s staff when he was Milwaukee County Executive, using county computers andRead the full story »

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June 14, 2011-Wisconsin State Supreme Court shows Republican activism overturning Open Meetings law violation

The Wisconsin State Supreme Court voted along partisan lines in favor of slapping the working people of Wisconsin with massive cuts to collective bargaining rights for public workers in the state, overturning Dane County Sumi’s decision that Wisconsin’s controversial law had been passed illegally by violating Open Meetings law. PerhapsRead the full story »

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April 21, 2011-Cronyism strikes again with Walker choosing Republican Renee Miller without relevant experience

It’s no surprise that another example of cronyism has been discovered where Governor Walker rejected two deputies in the Marinette County Register of Deeds office who had relevant experience to choose Renee Walker, a longtime Republican who worked on the Walker campaign since 2005, and whose husband, who also workedRead the full story »

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Walker demotes lobbyist’s son Brian Deschane from a great crony job to a decent crony job

It’s still cronyism that have someone with no college degree, no managerial experience and a couple DUIs get a cushy job heading up a division at the Department of Commerce. The move comes one day after the Journal Sentinel reported that Brian Deschane, 27, had landed an $81,500-a-year job inRead the full story »

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April 5, 2011- State Assembly passes SB12 Budget Bill while letting Walker cronyism continue

As was expected, the Wisconsin State Assembly passed the second Walker budget bill with a 58-36 vote. The legislation now heads to Walker’s desk. Democrats wanted to attach an amendment to the budget repair bill to eliminate an $81,000 per year Department of Commerce job handed to the son ofRead the full story »

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March 28, 2011-Ed Shultz interviews John Nichols regarding Republicans and William Cronon (audio)

Ed Shultz interviews John Nichols at the Capitol in Madison on Monday, March 28, 2011 regarding the Republicans, Walker and neo-McCarthyism: View Professor Cronon’s page about this issue.

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CREW reports that Walker, Fitzgerald and GOP knew they were breaking the law using troopers

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics (CREW) has obtained emails showing that Majority Leader Fitzgerald and his staff were aware that using state troopers to arrest the Democratic 14 was illegal. Both Walker and Fitzgerald violated the law. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and his Republican cohorts in the legislature have someRead the full story »

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Insane GOP Governors Walker, Kasich and Snyder would lose in do-over elections

It comes as no surprise when the Republicans try to overstep as soon as they get out of the gate that they will see their approval numbers plummet. They also drag down with them anyone who falls for their antics and this should come as a matter of political survivalRead the full story »

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