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Walker’s Wisconsin DNR ends Climate Change by erasing scientific reality

It may be old news that Scott Walker gets money from the Koch Brothers and he obediently delivers their agenda, inflicting Wisconsin being their grand experiment that they hope to take nationally with the Trump administration. It should come as no surprise that Walker would be a climate change denier which fits perfectly with his “commitment” to the Koch Brothers. They own him.

ALEC agenda evident with anti-democratic, unconstitutional AB 225 legislation

When so many Republicans cut-and-paste American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) Model Legislation for their own extremist Republican agendas, it starts looking like Koch Brothers/Bradley Foundation/Richard Mellon Scaife/Adolph Coors, Jr. kickback money is just too irresistible and it’s too easy to be obedient to their anti-democratic, pro-globalist…

How You Can Help the Tornado Victims in the South

The tornadoes that ravaged the southeast United States last week were cumulatively the worst tornado disaster since 1932 and loss of life is climbing everyday. Homelessness, loss of life and possessions and facing the rebuilding efforts needed can seem unfathomable to anyone until it happens. Feel…