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Scott Walker knee deep in right wing Bradley Foundation dark money

The Bradley Foundation was founded by Harry and Lynde Bradley, with direct roots as charter members of the extremist John Birch Society. The Bradleys, like fellow right-wing billionaires Charles and David Koch, embraced the Manion Forum, which promote the notion that social spending in America was…

Remember how freedom is under attack from within on Independence Day

With Independence Day here, it is time to celebrate 236 years of freedoms we have fought for through generations with wars and laws that eventually were a realization of all people being free as promised in the documents authored from our Founding Mothers and Fathers.  That’s…

Campaign finance legislation to end unlimited cash contribution limits for Walker’s recall ignored by Republicans

When someone runs for governor, Wisconsin law allows individuals to donate no more than $10,000 limit to their campaign. But, oddly, if a governor is being recalled, there is absolutely no limit for individuals to contribute campaign donations to their campaign, thanks to a loophole that was meant for times when recalling governors was something that would never have to happen.