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Walker caught in lie about wanting to gut University of Wisconsin’s mission statement mentioning “the search for truth”


Self-obsessed career politician Scott Walker is very, very focused on running for President in 2016.  Polling shows him leading in Iowa and many in the national press, who obviously have not done due journalistic diligence, call him a “successful”, viable governor.  Not being concerned by ironic details like how Walker’sRead the full story »

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Walker trying to escape Legislative Fiscal Bureau reporting structural deficit for 2015-17 to $1.8 billion


Governor Walker is doing all he can to distract and deny that his failed policies, austerity measures and shell game antics while serving as one of the most divisive governors in the country with news that Wisconsin now faces disastrous deficits in the next years, thanks to the non-partisan LegislativeRead the full story »

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Walker happily aims for 2016 presidential aspirations after signing partisan $68 billion Wisconsin budget


Scott Walker started his efforts at economic treason when he threw away $810 million allocated to Wisconsin for the high-speed rail project linking Madison to Milwaukee even before he was sworn in as governor in 2011. He fully intended to play the extreme Koch Brothers-funded Tea Party playbook that lostRead the full story »

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Wisconsin Republicans try to sneak vouchers, DNA testing and other troubled policies into budget law


Just as Sen. Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) and Rep. John Nygren (R-Marinette) and other Republicans were scolding the University of Wisconsin System President Kevin Reilly to possibly resign for not being “transparent” with cash reserves and other financial issues, that same group working on the recent $68 billion budget thatRead the full story »

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Walker raids mortgage settlement funds to pay for bloating state deficit due to failed policies


On February 8, The Legislative Fiscal Bureau (LFB) released new revenue and spending estimates projecting a $208 million shortfall after a $273 million drop in revenue projections for the current biennium. It was the same day that the U.S. government announced a $25 billion settlement with Bank of America, Citigroup,Read the full story »

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Walker’s continuing lies and distortions in his State Of The State address


Walker released some excerpts from his State Of The State address. We looked at the usual well-rehearsed declarations of success that Walker has continued to say when on Fox News and other right-wing media channels and he is continuing to assume that nobody is paying attention to his usual claptrap.Read the full story »

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Wisconsin Professional Police Association Executive Director calls Walker’s budget repercussions “blackmail”

Fire police

Repercussions of the Walker budget cuts are hitting those that protect our communities and enforce our laws for the safety of the people of Wisconsin. Wisconsin police and firefighters were supposed to escape higher pension and health care costs imposed on other public workers through Gov. Scott Walker’s contentious collectiveRead the full story »

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Walker slashing program funding for veterans, the poor, seniors and children shows where he stands

We can look forward to Walker and the Republicans acting like they respect veterans on Veterans Day, but look behind the curtain. Thanks to Walker and the Fitzwalkerstan Cult, the total budget for the Department of Veterans Affairs for 2010 was $164 million, but it’s been slashed in 2012 byRead the full story »

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June 29, 2011-Walker’s collective bargaining bill disaster becomes law with legal battles ahead

Scott Walker’s overstepping and contentious collective bargaining bill will officially be law on June 29, but it will be late August before state employees see a difference in their paychecks. This is obviously a choice made to quell even more protests until after the recall elections. Nearly five months afterRead the full story »

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Scott Walker and Fitzgerald Brothers announce new beer “Fitzwalkerstan Dump Site Amber”

Although this is a joke, it’s not far from the truth. Feel free to use this art any way you want (click to see larger printable version). You can get a t-shirt if you want. Walker kept in language that would make it illegal for a beer brewer to alsoRead the full story »

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June 26, 2011-Scott Walker signs Budget Despair Bill in Green Bay in private ceremony

In a private ceremony akin to a political rally for Republicans, Scott Walker signed into law the contentious budget despair bill that will eventually be even more political fuel to have him be recalled in 2012, hence making his aims at a national political career squashed. But in the meantime,Read the full story »

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Walker announces he will sign Budget Despair Bill into law in Green Bay on June 26 and be at Devil’s Lake on June 25

His Majesty Governor-King Scott Walker pronounced to all of Fitzwalkerstan that he would sign with his soft hands holding a pen the 2011-’13 state budget, known to most as the Budget Despair Bill, into law this coming Sunday, June 26, in Green Bay. He’s bound to be giggling when heRead the full story »

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Scott Walker can thrash away at Medicare benefits without any legislative review

The previous version of the so-called “Budget Repair” bill had some oversight where any adjustments to Medicare and BadgerCare had to go through the Joint Finance Committee for review. Thanks to the Republicans, they took that power away. Basically, they allowed Governor Walker to tinker with people’s lives and healthRead the full story »

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June 16, 2011-Wisconsin Senate Rubberstampers pass “Budget Repair Bill” while protests increase (audio)

The Fitzwalkerstan Rubberstampers passed the so-called “Budget Repair Bill”, which will thrash away with a vengeance at the poor, the middle class, seniors, children, the disabled, women’s health, the environment and whatever else they can hide like sneaky cowards who have to enter and leave the Capitol building in tunnelsRead the full story »

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June 15, 2011-State Assembly rubberstamp the 2011-2013 Budget Bill on a 60-38 vote

It was a long day and much was said by Democrats to the deaf ears of Republicans. Predictably, at 3AM, the Wisconsin State Assembly has passed the 2011-2013 Budget Bill on a 60-38 vote with all Republicans members in favor and all Democrats against and lone independent, Rep. Bob ZiegelbauerRead the full story »

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