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Comparing Unions and Protestors to ISIS, Walker proves he’s ready to be as extreme as the GOP wants


Scott Walker has confounded many of those who have followed his government worker career over twenty years, but his comments at the always entertaining (on the creepy side) 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) stepped beyond what many considered not only incredibly insulting, but actually dangerous considering he was comparingRead the full story »

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Morning Thoughts on Election Day: Promise or Peril Not Yet Revealed


It’s finally Election Day, November 4, 2014. It’s been exactly four years since this web site started. It was mostly due to the fact that Scott Walker was intent on throwing away $810 million dollars that was Wisconsin taxpayer money out the window for a high-speed rail line connecting theRead the full story »

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Discrepancies surfacing in Walker’s Unintimidated book of untruthful distortions

David Koch Scott Walker

On February 23, 2011, Scott Walker talked with who he thought was David Koch and provided the World with not only what a sucker he was but what he was up to in his attempts at trying to be a Republican Fox News Rock Star for attacking unions, teachers, theRead the full story »

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Dane County Circuit Judge Juan Colas declares WERC in contempt of court on collective bargaining law

Act 10

On September 14, 2012, Dane County Circuit Judge Juan Colas struck down Scott Walker’s signature portions of 2011 Wisconsin Acts 10 and 32 (“The Acts“) declaring them unconstitutional for effectively ending collective bargaining rights for most public workers, based on the sound judgement that the law violates both the state andRead the full story »

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Walker’s selfish presidential aspirations trump Wisconsin’s educational future with school voucher scam


Scott Walker’s war on public schools and its teachers comes down to one simple fact when it all gets boiled down. He wants to politically destroy public education because many of its constituents are donors to the Democratic Party. It doesn’t matter that it’s “about the kids”, or that it’sRead the full story »

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Republican hypocrisy on display with discovery that UW System has “rainy day fund” money


The University of Wisconsin System took a significant hit with $65.8 million in budget cuts as well as a base budget reduction of $250 million in state funding with Walker’s slashing in the 2011-13 biennial budget. Recently, the Legislative Fiscal Bureau released a report (Program Revenue Appropriation Balances) containing aRead the full story »

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Scott Walker and Fitzwalkerstan Cult smacked hard with Act 10′s unconstitutional “collective bargaining” legislation struck down

walker snivel

Dane County Circuit Court Judge Juan Colas made a decision “Madison Teachers, Inc. V. Scott Walker” to overturn portions of the Scott Walker’s signature 2011 Wisconsin Acts 10 and 32, passed in March 2011, to “collective bargaining, payroll deduction of dues and contributions to pension benefits with respect to municipalRead the full story »

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Remember why we celebrate Labor Day (video)


For many who forget the origins of Labor Day, the first Monday in September, it is merely a day off that also marks the end of the summer. But for those who are interested in the historical significance, Labor Day is a creation of the labor movement that is dedicatedRead the full story »

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Not a story from The Onion: Walker delivers education reform speech at Harvard University


This has got to be one of the funniest headlines ever to come through the Associated Press EVER. If you’re half-awake, this would make you double-take and want to make sure your computer monitor is not broken. How could a college dropout who was kicked out of Marquette who slashedRead the full story »

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Thom Hartmann discusses Walker being caught with “Divide and Conquer” strategy with John Nichols (audio/video)


Thom Hartmann got an latest news from The Nation’s John Nichols regarding the video that was recorded in January 2011 with newly elected Scott Walker hugging, kissing and doing a kiss-and-tell with his largest donor who gave $500,000 to Walker’s campaign, billionaire Diane Hendricks, where he was planning to useRead the full story »

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Many Reasons to Recall Walker and Kleefisch – Austerity Fails (video)


It’s not just about unions and collective bargaining. Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch both need to be recalled not only due to being failures with creating jobs, but also for inflicting drastic cuts to programs for children, seniors, women, the working poor, the disabled and students. Walker’s draconian austerity measuresRead the full story »

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Wisconsin’s Unite Against the War on Women protest – Madison (video)

It was a cold, rainy Wisconsin day where many came out to support those who spoke and performed. This video shows excerpts from the speeches made at this moving event. From the website Join Wisconsin and Unite Against the War on Women! Meet us at the S Hamilton StreetRead the full story »

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Scott Walker tells Wisconsin voters the perfect reasons why he should be recalled (video)


It was reported that Wisconsin lost 23,900 jobs from March 2011 and March 2012, according to data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Additionally, Wisconsin lost more private-sector jobs than any other state. Walker had “dropped the bomb” and signed Act 10, which slashed programs in all sectors andRead the full story »

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Walker’s failed policies continue to keep Wisconsin in last place with more job losses

Walker Wisconsin Last Place

Last year, Wisconsin last over 12,500 jobs and was ranked in last place in the United States for such losses under the so-called “leadership” of Scott Walker. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, neighboring states like Michigan (+90,000), Minnesota (+48,000) and Illinois (+40,000) are doing much better, so Walker’sRead the full story »

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Report proves Walker’s Act 10 draconian education cuts are leading to massive teacher layoffs


A release from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction skewers the absolute fabrications of “success” that Scott Walker has been making in friendly domains like Fox News and CNBC and out-of-state fundraisers where he has been escaping the state he supposed to be governing. Some of the highlights from theRead the full story »

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