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Scott Walker’s Presidential Ambitions Show Talk Is Cheap and His Failed Record Looms

Scott Walker

It’s been stated Scott Walker has been running for President ever since he was either asked to leave or quit going to Marquette College during the Reagan years. Maybe the fantasy started when he was an Eagle Scout. That’s why he decided to profoundly state in his Presidential launch speech:Read the full story »

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Scott Walker fulfills perverted fantasy of allowing Wisconsin government to officially mandate proxy rape with unneeded transvaginal ultrasound procedure


Perhaps Scott Walker never got laid in college or has some psychological issues sexually where he feels the propensity to inflict sadistic procedures on women to fulfill some psychological sickness. Perhaps he’s a just a sadistic pervert who enjoys having Wisconsin women to have to go through unneeded, unwarranted medicalRead the full story »

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Walker uses lack of medical knowledge and theocratic extremism in his personal War on Women

War on Women

Nearly everyone who has been paying attention knows that Scott Walker does not have a college degree to become a teacher, thus perhaps explaining his disdain for teachers and public education. He has zero medical training and applies his anti-science, pro-theocratic religious extremism as a source for his divisive, insipidRead the full story »

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Republicans show they are tone deaf to Wisconsin’s failing status with extreme budget


Wisconsin Republicans are looking at injecting their far-right ideologies that favor Scott Walker’s presidential ambitions, the Koch Brothers’ funded American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the Religious Right anti-choice War On Women crowd and other special interests with the recent budget deal swirling through the House and Senate. In the earliestRead the full story »

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Walker proves again that fanatical, delusional extremism reigns with his “Protect Life Day” proclamation


Anyone who has been following the sordid, sleazy career of Scott Walker can always find many examples of how he is a self-serving, corrupt, fanatical psychopath who tries to put on a well-orchestrated face behind a Koch Brothers-funded errand boy behavior pattern. Chalk up another fine example of a cowardlyRead the full story »

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Walker bound to try to swamp Wisconsin with far-right ALEC agenda wishes in 2013


Don’t be fooled by Scott Walker’s latest act where he’s trying to be seen as a “moderate” so he can soften his political image in time for a spin as a Presidential candidate in 2016. Granted, the continuing John Doe investigation is still boiling with the real possibility that hisRead the full story »

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Walker’s fanatical view of women as second class citizens aligns perfectly with Romney, Ryan and Republican Party


It should come as no surprise that Scott Walker would agree with Missouri Republican Senate Candidate Todd Akin, running against Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill, that women, once raped, are somehow able to not get pregnant due to some special (completely unscientifically provable) impulse that stops the pregnancy. After all, theRead the full story »

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Walker signs ALEC-written War on Women/Children/Workers legislation like an obedient tool


More reasons to recall this jackass. Walker clearly has shown he’s against women and is for gutting public school education. He’ll get the Koch Brothers and Fox News to cover for him in his quest to further his career as a theocratic extremist that would make Christine O’Donnell proud. MADISONRead the full story »

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Favoring ideology over reality, Walker proves he doesn’t care about Wisconsin children, families or women


Scott Walker must just be giddy with being able to sign some draconian, puritanical pieces of legislation hatched from his Fitzwalkerstan Cult loyalists and cretins. Which one will he sign first? Could it be the law repealing the Healthy Youth Act, which would appeal to the theocratic zombies (like himself)Read the full story »

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Women Watch, Women Rally, Women Vote: Mad as Hell Rally in Madison-March 13 (video/photos)


Here are some video excerpts from the event. The Koch-ALEC Monster will want to inflict some last minute business in the continuing War on Women at the state Capitol in Madison. There’s AB 337, which repeals the Health Youth Act. Another filthy piece of legislation is AB 154, which bansRead the full story »

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Fitzwalkerstan Legislature ready to pass laws with continuing GOP War on Women

War on Women

Since the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is presently out of luck with trying to ram through legislation to sever Wisconsin environmental standards to allow a Florida billionaire to build an open-pit mine and destroy streams, towns and people’s lives without them being able to fight back, it looks likeRead the full story »

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Proof Walker and the Fitzwalkerstan Cult are at war with women’s reproductive rights


While a lot of the limelight on what Walker and the Republicans are doing generally focuses on collective bargaining rights and other important issues, it’s good to be reminded just how extreme the Fitzwalkerstan Cult is regarding women’s reproductive rights, equal pay, sex education and birth control. These careless, puritanicalRead the full story »

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Out-of-state Anti-Choice Zombies asking Walker to stop abortions in University of Wisconsin medical facilities

Consider what Scott Walker would do if you had a daughter who was raped by an uncle or by a robber who then raped her. Add that she is not healthy enough to have a child, let alone a child that is a result of a violent rape through aRead the full story »

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May 25, 2011-Republicans gearing up to attack women’s rights and health care exchanges

The Senate Committee on Public Health, Human Services, and Revenue conducted a Public Hearing on Senate Bill 92 (SB-92) , which prohibits coverage of abortion through health plans sold through exchanges. Senator Rich Zipperer and Representative Robin Vos, both men who believe that women who are victims of rape andRead the full story »

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Walker and GOP “Pro-Life” Pro-Cancer apparatchiks don’t mind if women die of cervical cancer

Radical extremists like Scott Walker look at big words like “family planning” and their eyes almost pop out of their head. It’s about the A word. The Big A. That’s right, “baby-killin’s”. Abortion… or not. Actually not. So because the medieval Fitzwalkerstan Jeebus Freaks get lots of payback money fromRead the full story »

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