Walker’s Wisconsin DNR ends Climate Change by erasing scientific reality

It may be old news that Scott Walker gets money from the Koch Brothers and he obediently delivers their agenda, inflicting Wisconsin being their grand experiment that they hope to take nationally with the Trump administration. It should come as no surprise that Walker would be a climate change denier which fits perfectly with his “commitment” to the Koch Brothers. They own him.

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Walker has close ties to Charles and David Koch, the billionaire brothers who made a fortune in fossil fuels and who for years poured money into groups that cast doubt on the science of climate change. They own paper factories and a network of gasoline supply terminals in Wisconsin, and they have an interest in the state’s trove of “frac sand” (more on that below). Koch Industries gave $43,000 to Walker’s 2010 election campaign, and just after he took office, the Kochs doubled their lobbying force in Madison. In 2011 and 2012, David Koch and Americans for Prosperity spent $11 million backing Walker’s agenda and his successful effort to avoid being recalled.

Source: New Republic

The EPA’s Clean Power Plan, calling for restricting carbon pollution from power plants, will be attacked by the Trump administration, which complies with Koch-bought Trump cabinet appointments who plan on paying back the polluters for their billions in political contributions and pay to play tactics. Scott Walker has been against the EPA’s agenda with Koch-crafted statements full of distortions and anti-science talking points. Therefore, scrubbing information about climate change and saying it’s “debateable” as scientific evidence is what Scott Walker is all about.

The state Department of Natural Resources recently scrubbed language from an agency web page on the Great Lakes that said humans and greenhouse gases are the main cause of climate change.

The DNR now says the subject is a matter of scientific debate.

The department made the changes on Dec. 21, striking out whole sentences attributing global warming to human activities and rising levels of carbon dioxide.

It’s the most recent example of the DNR removing information related to climate change. More broadly, the changes reflect how the administration of Republican Gov. Scott Walker has de-emphasized the subject since he took office in 2011.

In the latest changes, the DNR says of climate change, “as it has done throughout the centuries, the earth is going through a change. The reasons for this change at this particular time in the earth’s long history are being debated and researched by academic entities outside the Department of Natural Resources.”

Officials replaced this wording:

“Earth’s climate is changing. Human activities that increase heat-trapping (‘greenhouse’) gases are the main cause.”

The old text goes on to say “scientists agree” that the Great Lakes region will see longer summers and shorter winters, decreased ice cover and changes in rain and snow patterns “if climate change patterns continue.”

DNR spokesman Jim Dick (James.Dick@wisconsin.gov (608) 267-2773) said in an email that the “updated page reflects our position on this topic that we have communicated for years, that our agency regularly must respond to a variety of environmental and human stressors from drought, flooding, wind events to changing demographics.

“Our agency must be ready to respond to each of these challenges. Adaptation has been our position on this topic.

“As you know the causes and effects of any changes in climate are still being debated and research on the matter is being done in academic circles outside DNR.”

The DNR also has recently removed a teaching guide on climate change from its website, and according to the agency, it is turning it over to the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

In recent years, DNR officials have removed other information devoted to global warming, but other information is still intact.

For example, a web page devoted to landfills and waste says, “Climate change poses a serious threat.”

“We now have a clearer understanding of the role waste and materials management plays in global climate change and, most importantly, the opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions …”

Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinal

Expect Scott Walker to put the health and well-being of Wisconsin under duress while he concentrates on being an anti-environment, climate change-denying charlatan preferring his political career interests over actual leadership.