As they say: Put a fork in it. Walker’s failed presidential ambitions are cooked

UPDATE: Scott Walker dropped out September 21, 2015 before this post was issued.

Scott Walker 2016

Although the first Iowa caucus is months away, it’s a pretty safe assumption that Scott Walker’s selfish ambitions of be President are over and the death spiral in polls show his lies, non-answers and record as an incompetent Koch Brothers-purchased puppet are not even what the far-right Republican base want.

It’s not that he didn’t try to check off the List of Theocratic Zombies to try to get some momentum as an extremist who was willing to inflict damage on Wisconsin for his political career.

The Republican party’s base and its donor class are walking away after Walker’s 15-point drop in most polls have him swimming in a slimy pond without a life preserver with bottom feeders like Rick Santorum, Lindsey Graham and Bobby Jindal.

Boring, predictable and flat debate performances buttressed stupid, dangerous, nauseating quotes like comparing “fighting” union protesters (firefighters, police, teachers, doctors, nurses, tradespersons, students and their neighbors) to Islamic terrorists.

Actually, Walker never addressed them publicly… he ran away intimidated like a petrified pest rodent through dark, secret, guarded tunnels into black SUVs away from his own citizens. Maybe he came across as a fake stooge by saying his wedding anniversary was made easier because it’s on Ronald Reagan’s birthday.

Scott Walker stated: “A key to success is not how many people are dependent on the government – but rather how many people are not.” Coming from a career government worker since 1994, Walker would know.

Walker will do down as a psychopathic dumb ass for saying: “If I can take on 100,000 protesters, I can do the same across the world.”

No.. you can’t, Scott.

Walker’s protestors included these firefighters who marched into the Capitol Rotunda.

Walker’s vendors are begging for the money he owes them. They should have done some research before connecting up with that crew.

Look for Walker to possibly get some funding from the Koch Brothers out of sympathy or as a condolence prize for destroying Wisconsin for their greedy agenda, but he will drop out of the Presidential race soon enough.