Walker supporters against right-to-work should expect “Divide And Conquer” betrayal

There will be a lot on Walker’s plate as he tries to navigate through the obvious political ambition to run for President in 2016 as he starts his second term. He’ll attempt to spin that being a college dropout is actually an appealing feature of anti-intellectualism cementing the Republican party agenda together.

Walker will try to give some red meat legislation that trigger dog whistling for the conservative base with mandatory drug testing for food stamp recipients and limit women’s health issues with banning abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. He’ll pay tribute to his hero Ronald Reagan’s voodoo economics by trying to cut property and income taxes while Wisconsin faces a multi-billion budget deficit (ranges go from $2.2B-$4+B) thanks to failed economic policies that leave the divided state in the basement regionally with private sector jobs. By carelessly rejecting $4.4 billion in federal Medicaid assistance and borrowing more than any governor in Wisconsin history, Walker can apparently stand proud as he is inaugurated into his second term.

Stripping away at Common Core academic standards, returning revenge for stopping unconstitutional attacks on voter rights by the non-partisan Government Accountability Board and attacking public school funding by bloating expensive private school voucher programs are just some of the new damaging American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) authored initiatives Walker plans on sneaking into law.

What will be fascinating about how Walker has painted himself into a corner is how he will be faced with the real possibility of tinderbox legislation regarding right-to-work, which he has insinuated should never be brought on through the Republican-controlled Legislature. He calls it a “distraction”. What he also knows that his main political supporters like Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) and the other usual cast of characters are licking their chops to pass right-to-work.

Look no further that the National Right to Work Committee (NRTWC), which has set up a battle camp in Wisconsin. Even Walker co-sponsored right-to-work legislation in 1993 when he was a freshman in the Wisconsin Assembly, so he’s certainly familiar with their prepared talking points on his desk. To think Walker would not sign right-to-work legislation hand-crafted for his conservative agenda is like Narcissus refusing to ponder and fall in love with his reflection in the pool.

Sourcewatch shows the real players that Walker is not only very familiar with, but who have gotten him to where he is today.

NRTWC connected to the national right-wing network

Organization/Person Connection
American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)
  • The National Right to Work Committee was an exhibitor at ALEC’s 2011 Annual Conference.[39]
  • The National Right to Work Committee has republished ALEC repots on its website, including ALEC’s “Right States, Poor States” in 2010.[40]
  • ALEC has used data and studies from the National Institute for Labor Relations Research in its publication, ‘’Inside ALEC.’’[41]
  • One of ALEC’s most commonly used pieces of “model legislation” is its “Right to Work Act.”[42]
Koch Brothers
  • NRWTC/NRTWLDF President Mark Mix was a presenter at the 2010 Koch Conference in Aspen, Colorado.[43]
  • NRTWLDF participates in the Charles G. Koch Associate Program.[44]
  • At least three NRTWLDF staff attorneys are current or former associates with the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation or the Charles Koch Institute.[45]
  • Mother Jones listed NRTWLDF trustee Ethelmae Humphreys as an attendee of the 2010 Koch Conference in Aspen, Colorado.[46]
Americans for Prosperity
  • NRTWC has coordinated with AFP for right to work in both Colorado and Pennsylvania.[47][48]
Cato Institute
  • NRTWLDF trustee Ethelmae Humphreys also serves on the board of the Cato Institute.[46]
State Policy Network (SPN)
  • NRTWLDF is listed as an associate member of SPN.[49]
  • NILRR is also listed in SPN’s list of like-minded “other organizations.”[50]
Amerian Conservative Union
  • NRTWC board member Morton Blackwell is a member of the ACU’s board of directors.[51]
Republic National Committee
  • NRTWC board member Morton Blackwell is a conservative activist who serves on the Republican National Committee’s Standing Committee on Rules and has also been a campaign and White House staff for Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, and former Sen. Gordon Humphreys (R-NH).[52]
  • NRTWC board member Guy Short was elected a member for the RNC’s Platform Committee in 2012.[53]
  • Several NRTWLDF staff attorneys are former GOP legislative and campaign staffers.[54]
Associated Builders and Contractors
  • NRTWC has coordinated with ABC to push for right to work in Colorado and Pennsylvania.[55][56]
The Council for National Policy
  • Morton Blackwell was previously the Executive Director the Council for National Policy.[57]
National Rifle Association (NRA)
  • Right-wing actor and former NRA President Charlton Heston appeared in NRTWC ads in the 1990s.[58]
Mackinac Center for Public Policy
  • NRTWLDF trustee Ethelmae Humphreys was featured in a Mackinac Center article, in which Mackinac called her a “longtime supporter of the Mackinac Center.”[59]
Rio Grande Foundation
  • NRTWC/NRTWLDF President Mark mix was a featured speaker at a Rio Grande Foundation, New Mexico’s State Policy Network think tank, event in 2012.[60]
Independence Institute
  • Working America reported that the NRWTC worked with Americans for Prosperity, the Independence Institute (Colorado’s State Policy Network think tank), and the Associated Builders and Contractors to push for a failed right to work amendment in Colorado in 2008.[61]

Brad Lichtenstein videotaped a conversation with Walker meeting with Wisconsin billionaire Diane Hendricks while producing the documentary “As Goes Janesville“. This video shows how slippery Walker can be to try to undue what he’s obviously up to.

Who knows. Maybe Walker will offer some secret handshake to those in his ranks that he’ll not just be looking out for his career and leave those he steps behind. However, as many who have been paying attention will attest that Walker is a generic, bought-out, slick politician who knows who owns him.

Wisconsin is the Koch Brothers experiment where they purchased a willing stooge to fulfill their plutocratic empire’s endless greedy hunger pangs.