Walker’s future running for President can be summed up with “Thank you again, and Molotov.”

Scott Walker, who said he wouldn’t run for President while suggesting that he would, is running for President. Now the rest of the nation can find out just how much of a manipulative con-man Walker is as he does his well-rehearsed schtick to complying Fox News Murdoch Bots that appear to smoothly seem to know the prepared script.

Of course, Walker does veer off script as only a college dropout over his head would due to being distracted temporarily in his Narcissistic Haze. There are many sad events to not have to ponder, but his letter as Milwaukee County executive revealed he told a Jewish lawyer: “Thank you again, and Molotov.” He blamed it as being a typo. He wanted to say “mazel tov”, which is a Yiddish term used to congratulate someone. Stephen Colbert used Walker’s confusion for comic relief.

We’ll miss Stephen Colbert in his amazing role as a comic genius on the Comedy Channel. He sure can spot a phoney.