Walker may have won, but Solidarity against his Overseers will withstand

It’s tragic that so many voters in Wisconsin’s rural communities supported Scott Walker for Governor. It’s a classic example of voting against one’s own interests based on somehow thinking that if you vote Republican, some of the oligarch’s wealth will magically rub off on you. Or worse, you think that a career politician who uses the Religious “Right” for dog-whistle egregious abracadabra mysticism can dupe brain-drained rural outposts to follow along with policies that clearly endanger their existence.

If you look at the gerrymandered Wisconsin map that has been declared “excellent work” by its authors, you can see just how cleverly engineered the “democratic” pathway has been pre-disposed.

Clearly, Walker supporters ignored the facts about Walker’s term, which has sunk the state well below the region in many indications. Maybe they couldn’t vote for a woman, let alone a smart woman with bangs who had a business background that they always think is essential for holding a position in public office.

It doesn’t matter now.

Wisconsin voters who supported him deserve what he is going to do to the state next when being out of state and running for President to continue his personal obsession to run for President.

Look forward to more Koch Brothers-authored American Legislative Exchange Council legislation that Republicans will rubber stamp and send to the Governor when he’s not on the campaign trail in other states that taxpayers will pay for.

It’s the Scott Walker Way. Suck on it, Wisconsin Walker supporters. He’s your pimp.

Meanwhile, we are still out there and will continue the long fight for seniors, the working and middle class, students, children, the poor, the environment, union jobs, livable wages, women’s rights, human civil rights and more. Vigilance!