Morning Thoughts on Election Day: Promise or Peril Not Yet Revealed

It’s finally Election Day, November 4, 2014. It’s been exactly four years since this web site started. It was mostly due to the fact that Scott Walker was intent on throwing away $810 million dollars that was Wisconsin taxpayer money out the window for a high-speed rail line connecting the two cites Walker appears to hate most, Madison and Milwaukee.

The absolute carelessness, shameful politicization and Stage 4 Obama Derangement Syndrome that Walker was displaying with that decision was beyond my comprehension. The excuses were boilerplate Tea Party gibberish.

It was giving up thousands of jobs, causing hundreds of lawsuits with contracts that were set, connecting two great cities that would have opened up the upper Midwest with a very nice rail system and was giving up actual business of having the trains actually made in Wisconsin being used. Those trains could have not only carried Wisconsin citizens with high riderships but would have connected Chicago to Madison, hence making even more business opportunities. Pure, sweet capitalism. Rejected by a college dropout who apparently has never lived in places where trains are popular. For me, this guy was a nut. A hack. Over his head.

Republicans USED to stand for infrastructure jobs and opportunities. Then came the selfish moochers known as the Tea Party. Walker fit in perfectly.

Little did I know what was going to happen when he finally got in power. It’s mind boggling how much damage a Republican House, Senate and Governor could do in a few short years. I had heard of the Koch Brothers and other billionaire families before, but had no idea just how deep their claws were digging and bleeding our democracy. These neo-Robber Barons and oligarchs saw Wisconsin as a Great Experiment for injecting American Legislative Exchange Council-written laws that the Republican rubberstampers pushed through to Walker’s desk (talk about plagiarism) where he giggled and signed into law.

So I do ask what Walker supporters think when they vote for this guy.

The level of corruption Walker has done is equally mind boggling. Having lived in places before Wisconsin, I had seen some real examples of corrupt governors, particularly Edwin Edwards of Louisiana. Walker goes way beyond the trickery and sleaziness that I have ever witnessed. There is the obvious example of Walker being just feet away from his staff when Milwaukee County Executive where taxpayer money and time was used for his career.

Walker is slippery like a bottom-feeding catfish and sneaky like a kitchen rat, so he has been able to have his fellow staffers serve time and get indicted. So far.

What was truly shameful and un-American was witnessing Solidarity Singers, many who were veterans, being arrested as well as observers for singing in the Capitol Rotunda during lunch time. Walker has acted like the State Capitol is his personal castle. What was troubling was how the media barely covered what was happening (with a couple exceptions) and Walker continued to get puff interviews from conservative media pundits who seemed to have prepared questions or just talked sportstalk to avoid not knowing what was really going on in Wisconsin.

Walker lied about how he wasn’t going to go after collective bargaining before he was elected.

Upon reflecting on this day, I couldn’t be prouder of the people of Wisconsin from all walks of life who stood up to Scott Walker and what I called the Fitzwalkerstan Cult during the historic Wisconsin Uprising. I had been to many political rallies before around the country, but those are completely overshadowed by the courage, civility, peacefulness and dedication I saw then in harsh winter conditions that most other populaces would have avoided.

We will see if Wisconsin voters see past the Walker Illusion.