Court releases thousands of emails, documents in John Doe investigation despite Walker fighting against it

Although the usual suspects in the Walker administration and the Republicans defending his dismal record will blame Democratic gubernatorial challenger Mary Burke for the release of documents, Court of Appeals Judge Patricia Curley ordered the release of over 27,000 emails and 434 pages of documents of Walker’s deputy chief of staff while he was Milwaukee County executive, Kelly Rindfleisch.

While the Republican Governors Association, strapped with Governor Christie’s George Washington Bridge scandal as their chairman, have released sloppy Karl Rove-like negative ads timed with the document release attacking Walker challenger Mary Burke. They must know the incoming damage that will hit the Walker re-election campaign as the documents possibly link him to knowing about what he said he didn’t know. The Wisconsin Club For Growth, with deep ties to the Koch brothers and involved in the John Doe II investigation, lost out in their attempt to block the release of the documents.

Apparently Kelly Rindfleisch was just a giggly gaggle when she shared that SKW (Scott Walker) and others were in the “inner circle” of the secret network set up for illegal activities.

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The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Wisconsin State Journal, Associated Press and other media groups intervened in the case in an effort to make the records public.

The records have previously been unavailable because of a secrecy order issued by John Doe investigation Judge Neal Nettesheim. Rindfleisch argued the secrecy order remained in place, while the media groups contended the records should be public now that they were part of a normal appeal.

Curley sided with the media outlets in ruling an array of records collected as part of a criminal investigation are routinely included in court files and must be available to the public except in unusual circumstances.

The records in question include emails from Rindfleisch’s personal computer and private email account; affidavits supporting John Doe search warrants; and a transcript of a secret hearing on search warrants issued the day before Walker was elected governor in 2010.

Likely included in the emails are messages exchanged with Walker or his top political aides as he ran his 2010 campaign for governor.

Separately, the Journal Sentinel is seeking to have county documents and emails seized in the first John Doe investigation returned to the county and made accessible to the public. The newspaper filed a motion last month to do that with Nettesheim, the judge who oversaw the first John Doe investigation.

Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinal

This video shows the essential elements in the John Doe investigation related to Walker’s tenure as Milwaukee County executive.

There are reports that the secret, illegal email system was perhaps years before when the investigations assumed.

In an interview this week, Bob Kiefert said that in 2002, when he was Milwaukee County human resources assistant director, he was called into Walker’s office by then-deputy chief of staff Tim Russell. Kiefert showed Russell how to set up a hard-wired Internet connection using a DSL modem and a telephone line. The network allowed county executive staff to send and receive emails and surf the Web outside the public system set up by the county’s Information Management Services Division in 1998.

“They didn’t trust the IMSD county system to be the pathway or the gateway through which their emails went,” Kiefert said. “They wouldn’t have control of those emails.”

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Rindfleisch is also involved in the second John Doe investigation.

Prosecutors overseeing the two high-profile investigations of Gov. Scott Walker’s aides and associates have gone to great lengths to keep what they’re doing secret.

But last week they identified two individuals caught up in the probe by listing their initials in court documents. One of the individuals is Kelly Rindfleisch, a former Walker aide who was convicted in 2012, and Eric O’Keefe of Wisconsin Club for Growth.

It’s not clear if the disclosure was accidental. The investigation is focusing on five suspects in five counties.

This graphic illustrates how that investigation will be focused.

Scott Walker John Doe II PlayersMore information will be available as this investigation continues.

This video shows exactly what was going on and how Walker’s denials are woefully untrue.

Scott Walker was asked on Fox News Sunday on February 23 about the emails and he denied it all. It’s obvious he was not telling the truth and when Fox News starts going after you, you can’t blame the “liberal media” anymore. Nor can you blame Democrats for merely getting evidence of your crimes.

From Wisconsin State Journal:

Emails of former Scott Walker aide from John Doe investigation