Walker facing damaging John Doe 2.0 investigation linked to secret Koch-funded front groups

Although Scott Walker can play along as some kind of tinfoil hat victim with Fox News political hack Sean Hannity in his puff interview about his new ghost-written book and other “successes” as governor, the news of another John Doe investigation aimed at himself and his blacklisting brigade is well underway. While it’s hard to decipher completely and details are emerging, Walker’s illegal actions involving sordid campaign violations during the Senate and Governor’s recall elections in 2011-2012 are apparently the main focus.

When the news about the new John Doe investigation originally came out in October, 2013, Walker stated at a public relations event at Beechwood Sales and Service in New Berlin with the predictable “I’m going to stay focused, as I am today, on helping the people of this state create more jobs, create more opportunity and balance the budget, as we have.” Scott Walker raised $37 million (75% from out-of-state) for the recall election and spent $36 million while his opponent Tom Barrett raised and spent about $6.5 million.

Other activities in the investigation like having several government web sites in Vernon, Adams and other counties offering the requirement of a photo ID to cast a ballot that were not needed could be part of the efforts to disenfranchise the vote during Recall season. Those sites and the officials who made that information “possible” broke election law. Then there’s Koch Brothers’ funded Americans For Prosperity sending out Recall Absentee ballots with the wrong information and address.

Here are some of the groups being investigated and having subpoenas and search warrants served as part of the new investigation.

  • American Crossroads – linked to Karl Rove and one of the main Recall funders for Walker are Texas homebuilder Bob Perry, a conservative activist and major funder of 527s like American Crossroads and Club For Growth who also bankrolled the nefarious “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth” against John Kerry in 2004
  • Americans for Prosperity—Wisconsin – Charles and David Koch funded 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization that’s “social welfare” mission protects its tax-exempt status, which it blatently violated with bus tours and other astroturf activities during Recall season
  • Friends of Scott Walker – funded mainly from large contributions from billionaires Richard DeVos, Diane Hendricks, Bob Perry, Jere Fabick, David Humphreys and others
  • League of American Voters – a Washington DC-based group funded by the Charles R. Lambe Foundation with original funding from Charles and David Koch with leadership tied to Koch-funded American Legislative Exchange Council
  • Republican Governors Association – linked to and largely funded by David Koch, formed a political action committee “Right Direction Wisconsin”
  • Republican Party of Wisconsin – with offices shared by Koch-funded John K. MacIver Institute for Public Policy, links are also tied to Americans for Prosperity
  • Wisconsin Family Action – Citizens for a Strong America gave almost a million dollars to this pro-life organization which may be involved in Americans for Prosperity (AFP)’s absentee mailing scheme since its address was the same as the one used by AFP’s “Absentee Ballot Application Processing Center”
  • Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce – it manages a 501(c)4 political action committee “WMC Issues Council” spending over $2 million during Walker’s recall including producing political ads full of misinformation

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign has indexed a large number of various other PACs involved in the Recall elections in 2011 and 2012 that provide some more pieces to the puzzle in this continuing investigation.