Walker’s property tax cut to give Wisconsin homeowners a dollar a month to save sluggish economy

Scott Walker hopes to rescue the sluggish Wisconsin economy by giving the Wisconsin property tax payer a whopping savings of $13 over one year and an astounding $10 the following year. That’s right! What a Badger State home owner does with $33 over the next two years is anybody’s guess. Imagine all one can buy to help out the family, pay bills, buy cheese curds or even a couple six packs of Miller/Coors beer.

The property tax cut and several other economic bills being pushed by Walker and GOP lawmakers would lower the state’s balance by $120 million in the current two-year budget and add $180 million to the projected shortfall in the next budget, according to estimates by the Legislature’s nonpartisan budget office.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) praised the property tax bill as an emblem of Republicans’ commitment to hold down state spending and cut taxes.

“It’s time to return the (budget) surplus that we have generated through our tough decisions back to taxpayers,” Vos said in the first speech.

In the final speech, Vos again stood and told Democrats, “You stand here saying how awful it is and a lot of you are going to vote yes.”

Democrats have said the tax cut has little substance, amounting to $13 in the first year for the owner of the typical home, or just over a dollar per month. They said it comes as Walker faces a 2014 election challenge from Democrat Mary Burke, a former state commerce secretary and Trek Bicycle Corp. executive.

Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca (D-Kenosha) said that more tax relief could be delivered by taking advantage of additional federal aid for state health programs.

“The middle class deserves better than what is in front of us,” Barca said.

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As they say though, the devil is in the details. Unfortunately for many who have continued to vote for Walker and Republicans in general, they are not getting a dime from this post-Mary Burke For Governor scheme.

There will be more as this story develops.