“Chicks On The Right” are clueless about Walker when they declare him “awesomesauce”

Governor Walker is widely known by many in Wisconsin for being out of state securing payoff money for pay-to-play legislative deals. With Wisconsin’s future falling into a tailspin with the Koch Brothers-funded American Legislative Exchange Council feeding compliant, obedient Republican legislators with divisive, theocratic, anti-science, anti-women, anti-voter, anti-poor boilerplate legislation that gets rubber-stamped and handed to Walker to sign into law, the last words that would come to mind are courage, relevance and optimism. It’s purely shameful, Teavangelical politics that has been relentless ever since Walker was elected in 2010.

When Walker is in a safe, conservative venue where he can pompously blather on with derivative, rehearsed right-wing talking points that avoid exactly what has been done in Wisconsin, he “shines” with those who either don’t know his record of failure or want to avoid it because they need a new thesbian, however flawed like Icarus flying high in the sky with waxen wings. At a recent Indiana Republican Party event, some right-wing bloggers called “Chicks On The Right” called his speech “awesomesauce”:

Gov. Walker is a delight. He’s friendly, warm, genuine, down to earth. I called him Mitch v.2.0 last night. He’s a regular dude trying to make his state and his country a better place. He spoke totally extemporaneously, without notes or a teleprompter, and we were riveted. He spoke about the GOP’s direction, its missteps in the 2012 election, and what it needs to do going forward. He spoke about three things specifically: optimism, relevance, and courage.

Source (warning: right-wing gibberish)

Referring to Walker as “Mitch v.2.0” is related to their love for ethics-challenged, scandal-prone former Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, who was well known for signing anti-worker “right-to-work” (for less) laws after saying he didn’t wish to add “right to work” provisions to Indiana’s labor laws.

The sad part about the “Chicks On The Right”, who were gushing like indoctrinated cheerleaders over Scott Walker, is that they clearly have no idea what Walker, who has been in government jobs all of his political career for twenty years, has been up to.

Women trustIn their descriptions about who they are on their web site, they say they are for “less government intervention in her life, her decisions, her personal freedoms”, against “empty-headed celebridrones who are famous for nothing other than being famous” and the laughably revisionist “Ronald Reagan was not only one of the best presidents ever, but also one of the best husbands.” Setting the standard with the only divorced President Reagan having 138 administration officials convicted, indicted or having been the subject of official misconduct and/or criminal violations is a perfect comparison to adoring Walker. Like Rep. Scott Walker in 1998, Reagan also believed in passing radical, nonsensical “personhood” legislation where freshly inseminated human eggs in a women’s uterus would gain legal citizenship and abortion, fertility treatments and contraception measures would be legally equivalent to murder. Talk about extreme.

Of course, they get into what can only be observed as oxycontin-fueled ludicrousness by calling Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz “Debbie McFrizz”, Rep. Nancy Pelosi “McBotox” as well as the obvious indications of supporting nauseating hatemongers like Rush Limbaugh by referring to women like “Ashley “Assley” Judd, Sandra Fluke, Beyonce, Scarlett Johansson” as being “celebrifeminazis”.

Obviously they don’t realize that Walker wants to control their uteruses. Walker wants the government to perform an unneeded medical procedure (transvaginal ultrasound) for women seeking a safe, legal abortion that can be called government-sanctioned proxy rape, thanks to Walker being the latest Governor Ultrasound.

While attacking the poor, the working class, women, children, teachers, voters and the environment, Walker has apparently hoodwinked people like the “Chicks On The Right”, who appear to not understand exactly how extreme the Republican Party is, especially to women’s reproductive health decisions. Do they want Republicans do the deciding on issues that should only concern a woman and her doctor? In their “Chickionary”, that could be easily described as “asshatty”.

On their site, they refer to “awesomesauce” as being “Inspiring so much awe that it should be canned and sold at a premium price”. Little do they know that Scott Walker has been bought and sold at a premium price for his political career while doing the bidding for the Koch Brothers and other right-wing billionaire extremists hiding behind superPACs.

Walker’s legacy of broken promises, gross mismanagement with scandals like the WEDC, job losses and continuing economic meltdown, slashing public education funding, raising taxes on the poor and seniors while giving tax breaks to his wealthy political contributors and killing jobs to appeal to his Tea Party freeloaders is never mentioned in his euphuistically, overblown double-talk before a willing far-right-wing congregation.

It would be unfortunate for the “Chicks On The Right” to actually engage in a discussion of the issues and see just how unseemly and pestiferous their half-baked Palinesque opinions are. They would find out eventually that Walker’s “awesomesauce” is actually toxiferous snake oil.