Walker used McCarthyistic jackboot playbook to withdraw UW Student Regent’s nomination

It’s either a matter of devious cowardice or paranoid McCarthyistic political treachery that Scott Walker’s appointment of a University of Wisconsin student to the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents was reversed when it was found that the student had signed the Recall petition against Walker in 2011. The data is viewable on a pro-Walker conservative web site that still has a database of 2011 recall petition signatories, which many right-wingers gleefully use as a McCarthyistic blacklist. Here’s the timeline:

The governor also named UW-Platteville student Joshua Inglett from Portage to a two year term as a student Regent. Inglett is studying engineering physics and will replace Katherine Pointer of Madison.
Source: WRN

Walker praised Joshua Inglett when he made this glowing praise:

“I’m pleased to appoint Joshua to the UW System Board of Regents. The student’s perspective is especially vital to the effectiveness of the Board of Regents, and I know he will serve the UW System and his fellow students well.”


Then, a far-right wing WalkerBot web site, Right Wisconsin, went ahead and sneaked over to the Recall blacklist web site and giggled and looked up Inglett’s name. Here’s some of their pathetic screed:

A day after RightWisconsin.com reported that a Walker appointee to the UW Board of Regents had signed a recall petition, sources say the administration will be asking the State Senate to withdraw the nomination.

On Monday, Walker appointed UW-Platteville student Joshua Inglett as a student representative to the board. On Wednesday, we reported that a “Josh Inglett” of Portage had signed a Walker recall petition on December 26, 2011.

Administration officials confirmed that it was indeed Inglett’s signature on the recall petition.

Administration aides say they did interview and vet Inglett, who they say expressed support for Walker and his agenda. He did not volunteer the fact that he had signed the petition to recall the governor.

Sources say Walker aides ran his name through the iverifytherecall.com online database of recall signatories. His name did not appear, possibly because it was misspelled by the volunteer who entered the data from recall petitions. His signatures does, however appear on a website run by “Put Wisconsin First.”


It appears these people are a bunch of jackboot thugs who want anyone who works in any way in Wisconsin government to go through some sort of “purity” loyalty oath to their Precious Scott Walker or be exposed from their irrelevant Blacklist from two years ago.

So what happens? ALEC whore State Representative Robin Vos fingerwags that Inglett didn’t come out pleading with bended knee that he had signed the Walker Recall petition two years ago. Then Scott Walker suddenly withdraws Inglett’s nomination. How timely. Or perhaps, how cowardly.

Walker said he didn’t want to talk about his reasons for the reversal “in the interest of not pulling him through the details on this.”

Inglett said he was never asked whether he signed the recall during the four-month vetting process and he didn’t see it as an issue.

“I figured if they thought that was important they would have asked,” Inglett said. Walker’s deputy chief of staff told him in a Thursday morning phone call that the governor was rescinding the appointment because he thought Inglett would have trouble getting confirmed in the Republican-controlled Senate, Inglett said.

Democratic state Sen. Jon Erpenbach called Walker’s decision to rescind the appointment “a gutless move.”

“This is a college kid versus a guy who’s talking about running for president,” Erpenbach said at a news conference.

Republican Sen. Dale Schultz, in a letter to Walker, asked the governor to show mercy and help the state heal from the recall election by appointing Inglett.


Besides the obvious fact that Walker appears to make decisions purely on hyper-partisan political preposterousness, one also wonders how long the Recall Blacklist web site will be online so blindly Walker supporting provocateurs can use it for obviously disingenuous meddling. Will Walker allow Inglett to serve in the position that the governor initially praised him for? That would take courage.