ALEC agenda evident with anti-democratic, unconstitutional AB 225 legislation

When so many Republicans cut-and-paste American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) Model Legislation for their own extremist Republican agendas, it starts looking like Koch Brothers/Bradley Foundation/Richard Mellon Scaife/Adolph Coors, Jr. kickback money is just too irresistible and it’s too easy to be obedient to their anti-democratic, pro-globalist oligarchical agenda.

Whether it’s using tactics and prepared legislation to deny climate change and destroy environmental regulations, attempt to destroy health care reform, attack public school funding with support for school corporatization and vouchers, support laws favoring incarceration to increase the private prison industry, attack unions and the working class and chop away at liveable wages, attack revenue sources through taxes, disenfranchise voters with voter ID and election limits and expressly attack women’s reproductive rights, ALEC is extremely well funded by billionaires who can also hide their back room control and donations through the January 2010 Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission , which is now directly linked to the IRS investigating 504c(4) tax exempt organizations that were wholly political instead of within the tax exempt status law.

With the recently released AB 225 legislation from ALEC puppet Representative Jeff Stone’, who was reimbursed by ALEC for travel expenses in 2009 and has been a member of that organization for many years, the cat is out of the bag for Wisconsin Republicans who were suggesting that they wouldn’t be as extreme as the last session.

In terms of voting and elections, the un-democratic legislation aims to limit early voting hours (popular with Democrats and Independents), enforces unconstitutional voter ID laws that disenfranchise voters while also not allowing electronic documentation for registration (especially elderly/students/vets/poor), allows for votes to be thrown out on minor technicalities, nearly prohibits the ability to recall school, municipal and other elected officials, gives greater access for back room lobbyists to have access to elected officials and makes it much easier for out-of-state, secretly donated “dark money” to be funneled into Wisconsin with no levels of disclosure or transparency. Since Wisconsin is treated like a lab rat for the Koch Brothers experimental agenda, Walker can be an obedient servant to their systemic reckoning.

We’ll see how far this legislation goes. The Wisconsin Center for Media and Democracy calls it an attack on our democracy. What’s sad about this is that it’s becoming more and more predictable.