Walker’s upcoming book effort collaborating with former Bush/Rumsfeld speechwriter a perfect fit

Thiessen and Bush
Marc Thiessen and George W. Bush

With the 10th anniversary of the Iraq War this year, where the American people were lied to by the Bush administration into going to war based on absolute lies, it is very evident that the speeches made by former President George W. Bush, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, former Vice-President Dick Cheney and others were deceptive, manipulative and crafted to bring about the illusion that nuclear war was imminent with Iraq as well as other disastrous effects, including humanitarian, economic, political and military consequences still being revealed as the turmoil continues in the region.

Pernicious forgeries, ruinous fraud and arrogant hubris combined with countless blunders and miscalculations are the legacy that continue to be exposed thanks to “neoconservative” hooligans and Project For A New American Century (PNAC) apparachiks and a willing corporate media.

Marc Thiessen and Donald Rumsfeld
Marc Thiessen and Donald Rumsfeld

The continuing reverberations and side effects about the calamitous Iraq War are long and wide. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis died. Nearly five thousand American soldiers lost their lives. Tens of thousands of other soldiers are maimed with gruesome injuries or have incredibly horrific post-traumatic stress disorder conditions to have to heal from. Trillions of dollars have been spent with billions missing. The repercussions of what many correctly call an illegal war are stunning.

Who was partly responsible for such a disaster of epic proportions who assisted and brags about speeches made by Bush and Rumsfeld during that time? It was Fox News uber-propagandist and Koch Brothers-funded American Enterprise Institute Fellow Marc Thiessen, who was on the White House Senior Staff as chief speechwriter for both Bush and Rumsfeld then and got his start with warmongering agitprop “training” with far-right senior policy advisor to Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman and sexist, homophobic and racist “master obstructionist” Jesse Helms (R-NC).

Has Thiessen apologized or in any way asked for forgiveness for being part of one of the worst debacles in American history? Hell no.

He’s going to “help” write Scott Walker’s upcoming book to possibly use as a way to get puff interviews on Fox News as a potential contender for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. Thiessen, a fan of “enhanced interrogation techniques” used by the CIA, which is categorized as torture, will have to go through the torturous effort to try to make Walker seem “successful” as one of the worst, most divisive governors in Wisconsin history. The title of the book is currently rumored to be “Unintimidated: A Governor’s Story and a Nation’s Challenge”.

Fortunately, Thiessen is familiar with writing fraudulent, deceptive screeds that Scott Walker is very good at. Together, both will certainly produce a book full of fiction that dares not illustrate Walker’s rise to power as a corrupt Milwaukee County Executive and then show how he has made Wisconsin one of the worst states in the country thanks to his American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)-driven policies, far right-wing legislative trickery and radical budget cut funding.

Doing political contortion techniques to try to portray Walker’s dreadful failure as governor as a palatable “success” will perhaps be even more challenging than driving the United States into an unneeded, disastrous war as chickenhawk Thiessen holds on as his greatest victory.