Wisconsin Law Enforcement Association files lawsuit against Walker’s collective bargaining law

Republican representative Robin Vos was installed as the new speaker of the Wisconsin state Assembly and is on record regarding the decision by Dane County Circuit Judge Juan Colas ruling that that Walker’s anti-collective bargaining law violated both the state and U.S. Constitution and is null and void. He chirped that it was the “arrogance of the judiciary” and will certainly attempt to bring the law back as well as the photo ID bill in the coming months.

That battle just got another snag for the unconstitutional collective bargaining law. The Wisconsin Law Enforcement Association (WLEA) has filed a lawsuit to continue to make sure Walker’s conservative star-making legislation is further stomped on.

The lawsuit points out that the two groups exempted from the law — state troopers and inspectors — are represented for lobbying purposes by the Wisconsin Troopers Association, which endorsed Walker in the 2010 election. All other law enforcement groups represented by WLEA that did not endorse a candidate in the 2010 election were covered by the law.

The lawsuit said the law forced the WLEA to break into two parts, each with different rights.

The law was designed to retaliate against law enforcement WLEA members and restrict free speech rights “for the improper purpose of diminishing the law enforcement unions’ political effectiveness,” the lawsuit argues.

The lawsuit also contends that constitutional equal protection rights were violated by treating those represented by the WLEA differently than similarly situated employees.

The WLEA said in a statement that the law “fractured the union and the solidarity of its members, undermining their ability to join together and advocate for the best conditions to keep Wisconsin roads and communities safe.”

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Phil Neuenfeldt, president of the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO, stated it best when he said: “As we have said from day one, Scott Walker’s attempt to silence the union men and women of Wisconsin’s public sector was an immoral, unjust and illegal power grab.”