Walker attacked Madison as Barack Obama delivered a great speech to a record crowd at Bascom Hill (video)

Scott Walker, being a predictable partisan hack, made sure to trash the second largest city in the state he is supposed to be governing when he quipped: “President Obama is on his heels and chose to recover from a bad debate in one of the most liberal places in America”. Granted, Obama debated someone who completely back-pedaled, flip-flopped or outright lied about his record and policies and acted like he was the moderator. So Barack Obama spoke at the full-capacity crowd inside the barriers at Bascom Hill in Madison to the largest, crowd of the 2012 presidential campaign.

You may wonder what Romney was on when he was at the first debate when he distorted his record and thought no one would pick up that he is an empty suit.

Mitt Romney bullshitter
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Thanks to WISC-TV for the video.