Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen gets denied on inflicting Walker’s unconstitutional Voter ID law on Wisconsin voters

Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen was trying to find any excuse possible to do the bidding for his partisan Koch Brothers-funded pal, Scott Walker, to disenfranchise Wisconsin voters in time for the November 6 election and beyond. Despite the absolute fact that Van Hollen was trying to propagate the Republican myth of voter fraud to perform an attack on basic American democratic rights for Republican gains, he has failed again. Democracy still is alive, although injured, in Wisconsin. Walker, the Fitzwalkerstan Cult and Van Hollen have gotten slapped down again in their attempt to shove through voter ID legislation not unlike Jim Crow-era poll taxes from yesteryear.

The unconstitutional Wisconsin Act 23 will not be in effect for the upcoming elections.

On September 14, 2012 Judge Flanagan issued an Order denying Attorney General Van Hollen’s Motion for a Stay of the Permanent Injunction issued on July 17. While Judge Flanagan’s denial of the request for a stay does not impair or otherwise affect the Attorney General’s Motion to Bypass the Court of Appeals and obtain a Stay from the Wisconsin Supreme Court, the language in Judge Flanagan’s Order provides clear caution for the Supreme Court with respect to the disruptive impact a stay of the injunction would now have on the electoral process for the November elections, stating that “the inescapable reality is that the need for stability, predictability and adequate preparation for the electoral process strongly weighs against this court granting a stay and thus changing the voting process at this late hour.”

Judge Flanagan again cogently explained why he was not bound by the Supreme Court decision upholding the Indiana photo ID law in Crawford, and also refuted Van Hollen’s claim that the injunction would cause harm, holding that we, the plaintiffs, had presented “credible, compelling evidence that Wisconsin Act 23 [photo ID], while intended to protect the integrity of the process, had the effect of impeding, that is, making more difficult and inconvenient, the voting access of more than 300,000 citizens of Wisconsin” while “by contrast, no evidence whatsoever was offered at trial to suggest that there exists any problem of voter impersonation that would be addressed by this requirement.”


Granted, the Republicans will do all they can to steal the election, but having Americans and the citizens of Wisconsin to able to vote without unconstitutional Grand Old Propaganda in the way. The US Justice Department has blocked extremist Republican-driven voter ID laws in Florida, Texas and South Carolina while in Pennsylvania, the state Supreme Court sent that Republican voting law back to a lower court to decide whether there is enough time for that state’s voters to get photo ID cards in time for the election.