Fighting Bob Fest 2012: Mike Papantonio’s speech adds to the successful, inspiring progressive event (video)

While it may not be as charming or “old-school” as the Sauk County Fairgrounds in historic Baraboo as it had been the stage originally, the annual Chautauqua “Fighting Bob Festival” at the Alliant Energy Center venue certainly offers some great progressive speakers and break-out sessions on the major issues of the day. Ed Garvey, Jim Hightower, Phil Donahue, Gwen Moore, Dr. Jill Stein, Stan Gruszynski, Bill McKibben, Tammy Baldwin, Peter Leidy, Norman Solomon, John Nichols, Greg Palast, Buddy Roemer, Mahlon Mitchell, Juan Cole, Ruth Conniff, Mike Papantonio, Paul Soglin, Matthew Rothschild, the Solidarity Singers, the Ragin’ Grannies and others were there. PRWatch and others had some fantastic breakout sessions on ALEC, climate change, voter suppression and other important issues of the day affecting our democracy. The ruling regarding shutting down portions of Walker’s anti-union “collective bargaining” part of Act 10 gave the event a glow that there is the possibility of fighting back and getting results.

There were so many great speeches presented at the event. Here is an excellent example from Mike Papantonio with an introduction by John Nichols:

[vimeo clip_id=”49532395″ height=”” width=”640″]

Follow the links on some of the participants listed to find out more about their background, mission and current work. Fighting Bob LaFollette needs to known more internationally and this event certainly does justice for his legacy.

Look for links to other videos of this event as they become available.