Wisconsin Republican legislators quietly deleting their ALEC emails to hide their Koch Brothers agenda

There are dozens of corporations that dumping their support or affiliation with the Koch Brothers-funded American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).  It turns out that Wisconsin Republican legislators are also deleting their emails from ALEC that have been giving them marching orders on what to do as obedient Walker puppets.

Wisconsin state legislators are routinely deleting emails concerning their involvement with the controversial American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), exploiting a loophole that exempts the legislature from records retention rules that apply to all other state and local government officials.

For more than a year, we at the Center for Media and Democracy, a nonpartisan watchdog and reporting group, have been tracking ALEC, which lets private corporations and think tanks vote with state legislators to approve “model” legislation for introduction in statehouses across the country.

ALEC’s influence on Wisconsin politics is profound. At least 49 current Wisconsin legislators are known ALEC members, and at least 32 bills or budget provisions introduced in Wisconsin’s 2011-2012 session include language from ALEC.

But some legislators would prefer that Wisconsinites not see documents revealing the extent to which they are working hand-in-hand with ALEC.
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To give a general idea what influence ALEC has had in the Walker administration, consider these points:

  • 32 bills or budget provisions reflecting ALEC model legislation were introduced in Wisconsin’s 2011-2012 legislative session;
  • 21 of these bills or budget provisions have passed, and two were vetoed;
  • More than $276,000 in campaign contributions were made to ALEC legislators in Wisconsin from ALEC corporations since 2008;
  • More than $406,000 in campaign contributions were made to ALEC alumnus Governor Walker from ALEC corporations over the same time period for his state campaign account;
  • At least 49 current Wisconsin legislators are known ALEC members, including the leaders of both the House and Senate as well as other legislators holding key posts in the state. Additionally, the Governor, the Secretary of the Department of Administration, and the Chairman of the Public Service Commission are ALEC alumni; and
  • At least 17 current legislators have received thousands of dollars of gifts cumulatively from ALEC corporations in the past few years, in the form of flights and hotel rooms filtered through the ALEC “scholarship fund” (complete “scholarship” information is not available).

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CurrentTV has done a great story on the Koch Brothers and their ties to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

If you would like to know who is being controlled by the Koch Brothers and ALEC, here is a list of current Wisconsin Republican legislators and where they preside in committees:

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It’s time to vote all of these ALEC puppets out. This is an excellent explanation of what ALEC is all about and how they are linked to so many parts of the Right Wing Propaganda Machine that wants to corporatize the World at all costs:

  • The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is a right-wing public policy organization with strong ties to major corporations, trade associations and right-wing politicians.
  • ALEC’s agenda includes rolling back civil rights, challenging government restrictions on polluters, infringing on workers’ rights, limiting government regulations of commerce, privatizing public services, and representing the interests of the corporations that make up its supporters.
  • ALEC’s mission: “To promote the principles of federalism by developing and promoting policies…To enlist state legislators from all parties and members of the private sector who share ALEC’s mission…To conduct a policy-making program that unites members of the public and private sector in a dynamic partnership to support research, policy development, and dissemination activities.”
  • ALEC is supported by many right-wing foundations and organizations, including, but not limited to: National Rifle Association, Family Research Council, Heritage Foundation, Sarah Scaife Foundation, Milliken Foundation, DeVos Foundation, Bradley Foundation, and the Olin Foundation.ALEC has approximately three hundred corporate sponsors. Several well-known and closely-tied organizations include: [] American Nuclear Energy Council, American Petroleum Institute, Amoco, Chevron, Coors Brewing Company, Shell, Texaco, Union Pacific Railroad, Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America, Phillip Morris, and R.J. Reynolds Tobacco.
  • ALEC has proposed that many public services, such as schools, prisons, public transportation, and social and welfare services, be taken over by for-profit private businesses.
  • One of ALEC’s central concerns is government regulations of businesses, especially ones that protect the environment and/or public health.


ALEC has lots of money and influence and will do all they can to destroy this country. Be aware.