Fellow pathological liar Walker’s Michigan speeches for Romney prove Republicans have no idea what the truth is

Walker was in Kalamazoo, Michigan for a $500-a-head fundraiser ($1000 if you want a photo with Walker) for Mitt Romney and gave another speech in Grand Rapids. He had the temerity to actually infuse how “the truth” will be a success for the Romney/Ryan ticket in the November election. If anyone has been paying attention, they would know that the Romney/Ryan campaign stands on a pile of lies about President Obama and continue to lie about what they stand for.

Of course, Romney, a vulture capitalist who has lied about when he was CEO of Bain Capital, is hiding his tax records, has secret offshore bank accounts in the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Switzerland and other locations and bases his campaign messages on completely debunked distortions and out-of-context innuendo. It was Mitt Romney who wanted the Michigan auto industry to die in 2008. He has flip flopped so many times on so many issues that a low information voter would eventually agree with him.

Walker laid this egg when speaking at the fundraiser in Grand Rapids:

If you have the truth and enough people are willing to spread the truth, you’ll win,” Walker said. “The truth is on our side.”

“The ‘R’ next to his name stands for reformer,” Walker said of Romney, noting his success in the private sector, as governor of Massachusetts and as an Olympic organizer.

“There have been men and women with the courage to think more about the future of their children and grandchildren. Let this be one of those moments that we can look back at and say we were there for them, that we can say we didn’t stand on the sidelines. We were in the game and we changed the course of history.”


Walker’s sagging and flowery demagoguery would make phony Republican soundbite sleuths like Peggy Noonan swoon. As for the truth, Walker’s career is practically nonexistent with that noble display of grandiose mediocrity. With impending corruption charges probably coming in the expanding John Doe investigation due to Walker’s abject dishonesty, Walker has proven the truth is not part of his political career. For someone who despises government so much, he enjoys the benefits.

With Walker attacking the poor, seniors, students, the middle class, women’s rights, public sector workers and others while paying back his political contributors with Act 10, Walker proved he could lie without fail. Except his policies and lack of real honest leadership are failing the people of Wisconsin. The Act 23 Voter ID legislation that has been declared unconstitutional and has his other fellow pathological liar Attorney J.B. Van Hollen trying to overturn it is based on the absolute lie about voter fraud. George Orwell said “In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Walker, whose Orwellian diatribes are the main fabric of his being, seems allergic to honesty.

With the national Republican Party platform being sewn together with lies, anti-science superstitions and deceit, the Romney/Ryan campaign continues to prove to those paying attention that their intentions are to deceive the American People with SuperPAC money that is hidden from scrutiny. The recent storm surrounding Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin’s oddball theocratic opinions (exactly the same as Paul Ryan’s regarding “forcible rape”) making the Legion of Republican Liars demanding Akin to drop out and reversing Akin’s overwhelming primary victory is exactly based on a lie. The Republican Party’s official abortion platform that includes not allowing the legal procedure even with cases of rape and incest is exactly the same as Akin’s position, which they want to hide.

Republicans like nearly all Fox News commentators, Walker, Romney, Ryan and even master drug-addled bloviators like Rush Limbaugh can try to cook up a stew of propaganda and hope no one detects that it’s poison. To even make the assessment that peddling lies as the truth is hopefully not going to suck voters into their vortex.

Even the Republican base and social conservatives that actually agree with Todd Akin will look at the Republican establishment who use them for votes and throw those they find non-Beltway material under the bus can see who the real liars are.