FBI/John Doe Investigation Update: Prosecution reveals press leaks from defense lawyers and other details

Rumors that Walker staffers former Director of Constituent Services Darlene Wink (PDF) and former Deputy Chief of Staff and personal campaign fundraiser Kelly Rindfleisch (PDF) are about to be charged and are expected to cooperate with the Milwaukee District Attorney investigation.

Prosecutors did their part with the misdemeanor charges, and now Wink must do her part. “She’s agreed to cooperate fully with any information that the district attorney is looking for. She wants to cooperate fully particularly with the embezzlement charges, and we’ll see where the investigations lead from there,” Defense Attorney Peter Wolff said. Additionally, as part of the plea deal, prosecutors are free to argue for probation or fines versus jail time, but ultimately, the sentence will be up to a judge.

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As for Rindfleisch, she wanted to move the upcoming trial to a “friendlier” location, but it’s staying in Milwaukee County.

Kelly Rindfleisch, who has been charged with four felonies for using taxpayer resources to run Scott Walker’s political machine, has failed in her bid before the state Appellate court to transfer her trial to a county with a Republican judge.

Rindfleisch’s trial will be held in October in Milwaukee County.

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Even though the Walker team is implicated in stalling the investigation, Timothy Russell, who worked for Walker when he was the Milwaukee County executive and pleaded not guilty to three embezzlement charges related to “Operation Freedom” meant to help veterans and their families, has had his revolving door legal team get a response from the John Doe investigators. Also despite what right-wing parrots Charlie Sykes, Koch Brothers-funded MacIver Institute and others have been lying about the investigation that Walker even admitted he helped start, the press leaks of the investigation have actually been coming from defense lawyers trying to scuttle the case:

New court filings in Milwaukee County’s John Doe probe involving former aides to Scott Walker suggest press leaks came from defense lawyers and reveal other new details of the long-running investigation.

Tim Russell, a former top aide Walker charged with embezzlement, initiated plea deal negotiations on April 8, but those talks ended abruptly after Russell authorized his lawyer to release information related to the probe.

“Settlement is presently unlikely,” Milwaukee Co Asst. DA Bruce Landgraf says of the negotiations in court motions filed yesterday.

Russell’s criminal defense lawyer, Dennis Krueger, released John Doe documents that suggested Walker’s county exec administration wasn’t fully cooperating in the investigation into the theft of money from Operation Freedom, a fund that was to pay for a veteran appreciation event. Walker had said his staff had reported the missing money and that he had fully cooperated with the probe.

Landgraf wrote in the motion his office was blindsided by the release of the information.

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More on Right-Wing blowhole parrot AM Backwater Flyover Hick Teabagger Charlie Sykes:
Here is some of the dribble this lying scumbag said about how MSNBC’s Ed Schultz and the “Democrat Party” are leaking the John Doe stories that he knew about:

With Walker now leading in the polls this was perhaps to be expected. So far it is awfully weak tea, but clearly lefty talkers are trying to peddle rumors (can the JS be far behind) . Here’s a story about MSNBC’s talker Ed Schultz’s rambling speculation on leaks. Despite the efforts by the legal establishment to disparage any criticism of the John Doe process, there are only two possibilities here: (1) This is just a flat out lefty rumor/smear that the Dems are trying to float in their final desperate hours, (2) The Democrat DA is selectively leaking slanted rumors from the “secret” probe to hurt Walker in the final desperate hours.


Ryun, who created the Media Trackers site for Wisconsin, writes that “Wisconsin law prohibits individuals with knowledge of a John Doe investigation from talking about it to anyone, including the media.” This includes witnesses, those being investigated — and the investigators themselves.

Charlie Sykes blog

Sykes clearly knew who was leaking the John Doe stories (Tim Russell’s lawyers such as attorney Michael Maistelman) and played the Walker crowd like a bunch of sheep believing his lies. By Sykes writing that Wisconsin laws were broken while he was part of the leaks, he has admitted he broke the law.

Don’t expect Sykes or other hate radio apparatchiks like Vicki McKenna to ask for contrition for their continuing lies unchallenged by any level of credibility. They are doing the Koch Brothers’ work much like the pod people in the movie “Invasion Of The Body Snatchers”.

Two documents were released regarding “State of Wisconsin Plaintiff (Case No. 12CF000053) against Timothy D. Russell, Defendant: “State’s Response to motion to Suppress John Doe Evidence” and “State’s Response to Motion to Dismiss (Speedy Trial)“. The Tim Russell trial, expected to last two days, is scheduled to begin Sept. 9.

More evidence is mounting according to various sources where Walker knew about the John Doe investigation months before the 2010 gubernatorial election.